Laying the Rules of Party Shoes for the Holiday Season

Party season is around the corner and we are in the middle of putting up the confetti and wrapping gifts for the Christmas evening. Amidst this, one essential and never-ending question keeps popping: What should I wear? Having the wardrobe and shoe racks overflowing, the confusion sets in and we go into a hyper mode as we are totally clueless about how to look our best in the coming days. Let’s get this straight – you decide the dress and we tell you how you can slay at the holiday party by picking a right pair of shoes. Just follow the mandatory rules to set the final look which, we promise, is going to be hot!

  • Colour-ati party anyone?

Holidays are vibrant and so must be your footwear. Infuse a lot of shades in your attire and shoes. You can give the black and the white shade some brake and say hello to light pinks and sea greens. (the shoe here is electric blue) Make a bold move this holiday season and flaunt your prismatic side. Attention men – give your everyday wear an upgrade by going for these flaming loafers.









  • Too much can be too good

Shake off your inhibitions before you soak in the holiday fever. Nothing can be “too much” this Christmas (yes, not even the chocolate cake). While picking the shoes for a get-together or Christmas party, choose what suits your mood. Get those fancy heels and large platform shoes out from the rack. If you think that a certain shoe looks “over the top”, stop that thought then and there. A lot of vibrancy can be good for the mood, what say?

  • Mono-colour still rules

Boot up men! These smart black boots are a must-have for the new year’s party. Women, pick a simple and chic pair of black pumps which will leave you in rapture! While the reds, blacks and whites are our safe bets, go for blues, greens, even yellows when it comes to clubbing your party wear with shoes.










  • Heel it up!

Heel is the mother of party footwear. An obvious choice for most of you, make sure that you are comfortable in the heels before you actually use them. You don’t want to wake up with an aching foot the next day.






  • Play with the straps

What we are saying is experiment with the strappy stilettoes or pumps to ace that steamy dance session.









  • Stick to ‘one shoe for one occasion’ rule

Do not, we repeat, do not go for the same pair of shoes for every holiday party. Have a  plan ready as to what you are going to wear when and pre-decide the footwear. This way, you can mix and match the heel type, pattern, texture and colour to break the monotony.

  • Mix stripes, prints and glitter!

The holiday get-togethers are a huge platform to flaunt your fashion skills. Don’t think twice before combining the printed dress and a dark coloured stilettoe or a cocktail dress with printed shoes. Trust us, it is going to look fab!


Now that you have a clearer picture of the dos and don’ts of the party shoes, it is going to be a piece of cake to ace the festive look. Metro Shoes is having a gala celebration with the best party shoes in the town. Browse through them before the party starts!