Don’t Keep Calm Cause December is Here!

We Indians are pretty much worked up throughout the year. The assigments and deadlines make us go bonkers and the energy levels are at all time low and how.

Then comes the most awaited and amazing time in life called December. How can you describe it? The light at the end of the tunnel. Chocolate sauce to your vanilla ice-cream. Call of Duty to your playstation. Membership to your Netflix. Basically, everything which is necessary for the year to be complete!

There is something about December. The feeling of the year coming to an end. The pondering and thinking of how time is flying. The excitement of deciding new resolutions (even though you have failed to stick to them for 10 years straight).  You start to relax a bit and gear up for the biggest party month of the year! The pleasant air and comparatively cold nights make you want to just lie on the bed and chill. Indeed, this is our favourite season AND IT IS HERE AGAIN!

While there are thousands of things for which December wins the trophy of being the ‘Best thing to happen to humanity’, we have picked our most favourite:

  1. The 3 Cs of December: Cozy blankets, Cuddling and Coffee

2. It is a legit reason to skip workouts. It is cold outside. Duh.

3. Cups and cups of adrak wali chai. Nuff said.

4. Gearing up for the party season- getting ready to slay the parties!

5. Walking in the crispy air late at night and grabbing an ice-cream. Cold + Cold = so much win!


6. Ahh! The vacations and the long trips. That too without huffing and puffing and sweating.

7. CHRISTMAS!!The jingles and carols and secretly hoping that Santa exists.

8. End of the year sales and discounts aka shopping sprees.

Fellas in the house, with so much excitement in the kitty, you ought to be ready for the best time of your year. But wait, why delay the enthusiasm for more days? Before you jump into December, browse from the impressive collection of footwear from the Metro Shoes sale.December is knocking and you must put on your stilettos and shoes and get going as the party is about to begin.