International Men’s Day – Metro Shoes

“It’s a man’s worldddd”, you can almost hear James Brown crooning in your ears. The 14th of this month, popularly known as Movember, is celebrated as International Men’s Day. It is celebrated to primarily promote and spread awareness about men’s health, improve gender relations, promote gender equality and highlight positive male role models. It is also a month wherein; we encourage men to look like their most dapper selves.

A man is distinguished with his moustache and his shoes. And as “No-shave November” is upon us, we’ve taken the onus of identifying certain shoe styles with certain moustache styles!

The Handlebar- The Casual Loafer

If you enjoy maintaining a handlebar, you are definitely a person who would love to sport these casual suede shoes.

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The Goatee- The Buckled Loafer

The one who sports a goatee loves low-maintenance fashion statements, not unlike the humble buckled loafer.

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 The Van Dyke- The Brogue

A man, who appreciates the sharpness of a Van Dyke, definitely relates with the classy refinement of the Brogue.


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The Friendly Mutton Chops- The Buckled Moccasin

A fan of the friendly mutton chop is one who enjoys the understated polish of the buckled Moccasin.

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The Hollywoodian-The Casual Lifestyle Shoes

The one who sports a Hollywoodian is the one who loves to experiment and add a hint of pomp to his look, and hence would sport the lifestyle shoes.

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