Shoe Stock Market: Score the best prices for your favourite pair

With the massive fluctuation that has been witnessed by those who follow the stock market intently, we thought why not create a virtual one for shoe enthusiasts? is unveiling the advent of something truly game changing: we’re launching our own version of the stock market- the shoe stock market. The commodities that are going to be traded on this market are, yes, you guessed it, our range of fabulous shoes.







How does it work?

Simple, demand and supply! It’s the most basic law of Economics. When the demand is up, the prices will be up and when the demand is down, the price of the specific shoe will drop.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

This is where everything you learned in your economics and business classes will come into play.

  • You need to be agile, alert and extremely vigilant.

Keep a close eye on how and when the price of the object of your affection is dropping. Train your eye for the best styles and watch the prices drop.

  • Look for patterns.

If you notice that a certain product’s prices are fluctuating at certain times or when another products’ prices are rising. Keep an eye out for these abnormalities and you might beat the market and steal yourself some deals.


  • Be fierce.

Don’t be tempted by slight dips, take a risk, because remember, high risk= high reward.

  • Plan ahead.

Set regular alarms, keep coming back to and checking on the products you covet, because you never know where the market will be next!

Make sure you’ve got your knuckles cracked, your economics notes ready and you’ll be ready to be a wolf among the sheep! Slay the markets and reign victorious!