Trend Alert: Flatforms!

Gone are the days of the humble wedge heel and plaforms- here’s introducing their hybrid, the Flatform. Fashion gurus and bloggers are all attributing this shoe as a continuation of the “ugly shoe” trend but with a twist. Although these shoes are clunky and chunky, they’re far from ugly. They’re quirky and not for the fashion faint-hearted, but are making a statement of their own, replacing the pencil heels. Stilettoes, albeit are the going to hold their place as classics, however they’re being taken over by the advent of the flatform.

The Flatform is the perfect way to look chic and laid-back or elegant and quirky, all at once. They’re easy to style and give the wearer an air of old world glam. The 70s are upon us and while keeping things fresh and cool, the flatforms remind us of a defining time in fashion. The flatforms are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost every outfit that you can think of. Yes, even your sheath dresses. You can dress them up or down, but they’ll still match or clash everything. So don’t be afraid to put together a plethora of outfits that you can style with these gorgeous shoes.

We’ve compiled some interesting looks for you to wear with your soon-to-be favourite pair of shoes. Add them to your cart here:

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