Father’s Day Gift Guide: Shoes that gives them Comfort!

A father is beyond just helping in math, science, or English. He helps in each steps of our lives no matter how big or small they are. They are the ones who have walked miles to give us the best possible lessons, comfort, and love.

Right from the day, he becomes a father he keeps on changing shoes just to make his child comfortable on all walks. Therefore, a father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

There are all types of dads out there and they each deserve a truly great gift. Here’s to his unique style scroll down to get your dad a perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

For the Dad Who Means Business: –

Fathers who are indulged in work and want their child to stand up front and face the business world along with their child. He is the one who gives the best advice for work all the time. It’s time to give him the best comfortable Formal Footwear for his business meetings.









For the Dad who loves weekends: –

This is for the one who loves to spend his weekend with family and friends. He is the one who has the complete work and life balance. He never misses out on the weekend with his kids to the garden or mall. And when with friends he has a perfect weekend in the club. Gift him the perfect pair of sneakers or casual slip-on and turn his perfect weekends into a comfortable one.

Sneakers for the weekend.









Gift a pair of sports shoes for your father’s who are ready to play during the weekends.









For the Dad Who Loves to Travel: –

This is for the fathers who love to travel, be it with family, or for work purposes. While they are at work in different states or countries, they never forget to get the best of chocolates or any present from that particular place. Gift them an elegant pair of Formal Shoes this Father’s Day.

Also, there are fathers who plan out small trips over the weekends or a vacation every time, to spend time with family. It’s time to give them a perfect pair so that they can slay their vacations.

Perfect pair of Formal Shoes that can match for any business meetings.









A pair of Premium footwear from the house of Metro Shoes– The Davinchi Collection will surely be the best gift you can gift your father for his next travel trip.









For the Dad who loves fitness: –

We are sure your fathers might have told you during your childhood to do exercise to keep yourself fit. We are sure there are fathers, who are fitness freak and loves to workout at the gym or at home. There are fathers who take their children for cycling, or maybe go to the gym together.

It’s the perfect time to gift them a pair of stunning Sports Shoe this Father’s Day.

















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