Safety Measures taken In Warehouse & Stores.

Operating under the shadow of COVID-19 pandemic, Metro Shoe stores that are re-opening in India are trying their best to keep customers and staff healthy and safe. The health and safety of customers and employees is our top priority.
Metro Shoes has laid down certain safety measures right from its warehouse to the store to ensure that customers take back nothing but smiles.


Our safety starts with our warehouse, so you can stop worrying and shop care-free.



Safety At the entrance of Warehouse: –

Our staff and vendors have to sanitize their hands before entering the warehouse. Also, there will be thermal scanning of temperatures for each individual entering the warehouse.






Staff Safety Inside the Warehouse: –

Our staff will be wearing hand gloves and face mask all the time to avoid any direct contact with the products. They will also maintain 3-6 feet safe distance, at the workplace and even in the canteen. Employees will be working on alternate days to ensure a minimum number of employees at any given day.






Goods and their Safety at the Warehouse: –

There are designated zones where goods will be loaded/unloaded. Also, no loose goods will be accepted at the warehouse. We have made sure that only goods in cartons are accepted. And once they are received they will be sanitized thoroughly and kept aside in a well-ventilated, designated area for 24 hours before they are opened.








And now when you enter any of our stores across India you will be shopping care-free. We are following the below steps, so you can step out in style.



At the Entrance of Every Store: –

We have placed a sanitized mat at the entrance of the store, so before you enter the store make sure you wipe your shoes. And sanitize your hands before entering the store.






Store Cleanliness: –

Our stores will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at every interval. All touch surfaces like shoe racks, seats, trial shoes, doors and handle, impact tables, and cash counters are cleaned and disinfected every one-hour. Not forgetting the swipe machines and keypads too.






Staff Will Follow the Basic Norms: –

Our staff will be wearing face masks and hand gloves compulsory throughout the day. Our staff will maintain a safe distance of at least 3-6 feet from colleagues and guests. There are seats that will be kept vacant to maintain social distancing.






Go Cashless and make use of Digital Payments: –

To prevent the spread of #COVID19 through currency notes, let us go digital and make all our payments digitally. All our Metro shoe store does accept digital payment.






While we are now open, we would love to have you over but with masks on and maintaining social distancing. We are excited to see you all at the store. You can also shop online at