How to take Care of Footwear during Monsoon Season!

During the monsoon season, we all look out for options to keep our feet clean, but on the border prospect, it’s not just your feet that require to be cared for during monsoon season, but also your footwear. In addition to the usual muck and gore, footwear is exposed to moisture and dirty puddles during the rainy season which spells doom for them.

We have a few quick and easy measures to help your footwear survive the onslaught of rains and everything it brings with it and keep them in top condition.

Wipe Clumps of Mud Off

Muck tendency to stick to footwear during the rains. When the mud dries it can form clumps on the shoes or sandals that you were wearing. You can simply wipe it off using a wet cloth or foot brush to get rid of the wet mud almost instantly.

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Good Quality Wax Polish

Wax polish is not only known to make your shoes shine and give them a neat look, but the wax layer you apply on your shoes creates a thin protective shield that provides light resistance to rainwater and keeps your footwear in top condition.

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Tissue Paper to Your Rescue

Before you place your shoes in the cupboard make sure that they are completely dry. You can stuff tissue paper in the inside of your footwear so that the moisture is absorbed. The best option is to dry the shoes in the heat of the sun (if the sun is out during monsoon) or under a ceiling fan.

Use Dehumidifier in The Shoe Cupboard

Using a dehumidifier will help in absorbing humidity and the footwear will not be exposed to the fungus. You can use the PRO-Assorted Shoe Deo which helps in fighting the fungus and bacteria that builds up on shoes. It has a pleasant fragrance which helps in eliminating bad odor and prevents long-lasting freshness. It’s a multipurpose Shoe Deo which can be used on shoes, bags, car carpets, and jackets. You shall definitely opt for this amazing Pro Shoe Deo.

Try to Avoid Leather Footwear

Leather footwear needs the most amount of care during monsoon season. It is, therefore, best to avoid leather shoes in monsoon. But if you have to wear them for a formal occasion you can clean and waterproof your leather shoes with a wax polish before putting them on.

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In addition to the above tips, always wear clean socks and try sticking to rubber footwear for the duration of the monsoon season. You can check out the monsoon footwear collection. Keep the above tips in mind and don’t worry about your footwear hamper your spirits this rainy season. Check out the Shoe Care Collection at Metro Shoes.