Fashion and Style Solutions for Tall Men and Women

Being taller than an average-sized man or woman has its benefits. You do not need to worry about someone blocking your view at a movie theatre or better yet a concert. You can always get noticed in a crowd. Being a tall man, if you dressed like an Englishman you could often get mistaken for Sherlock Homes, which is always a good thing.

However, there are two sides to every penny. People who are taller than average also seem to have bigger foot sizes. This is one of their main struggles when they go shopping. Apart from finding the right kind of flattering clothing.

We aim to hit two birds with one stone. Here is a fashion and styling guide for every tall man and woman.

Foot Fury

One of the main concerns for tall people is finding large size shoes. This can be difficult considering that not all brands house bigger sizes. Measure your foot and match it with a shoe size chart available. This will narrow down your search. You can easily find an exclusive section for plus size shoes that will match your style.

Men can opt for patterned shoes that can add character to your outfit. You can also experiment with textures and coloured leathers. It will keep the attention grounded rather than looking at your height. Men’s large size shoes can be the eye-catching element of their outfits.

Taller women can wear all the flats in the world. Since you do not need the added elevation that heels offer, you can sport your favourite pair of embellished flats with all kinds of clothes from jeans to dresses. Large size shoes for women should have rounded tips rather than pointed tips. This way their feet will appear smaller.

Bottom’s Up

When it comes to styling, the biggest qualms come with bottom wear. Either it is the hem lines of men’s trousers or the length of skirts for women.

When men are choosing trousers for their suits, it is advised that you get them tailored personally. The more customised the trousers are the better.  When it comes to jeans make sure you choose a straight fit rather than a flared jeans or skinny jeans. To even out your tall silhouette, you can also wear a smart kurta over your jeans. On your feet wear slippers that have a wider tip. This will allow enough wiggle room and slippers are available in multiple sizes.

Layer on Layer

If you want to looking fashion friendly, embrace the layering trend. This will help make your upper body look bulky and drawing less attention to your height.

For men, it is worth investing in a double-breasted suit jacket. This will add the appropriate amount of bulk to your look. With a long torso, you can also wear waistcoats or vests. It will give you a unique look that will distinguish you in a crowd. Choose square shaped shoes, that have a formal look and are comfortable.

black shoes

Women should embrace the maxi dresses. But while you choose a maxi dress in a thin fabric, choose a heavy-duty denim jacket overtop. You can also layer on sweaters keeping the bottom minimalistic. Choose to wear a tank top with a bomber jacker over a pair of shorts. To accentuate your height, wear a pair of ankle boots.

large size boots

Patterns and Textures

Textures and patterns help in adding dimension to one’s outfit.

Men should have subtle pinstripes on their suits. Vertical stripes work well their height. This will accentuate your tall silhouette. Experiment with dark colours like dark blue, navy, black or dark grey. You can also use textured weaves such as Birdseye that look good on tall men. If you have a patterned outfit, you would want to maintain a neutral scale on your feet. Choose formal shoes in basic colours such a brown or black.

formal black shoes

Women too can play around with vertical stripes as a prominent pattern. You can wear loud and bold patterns and prints. You can also choose to get into colour blocking the top and bottom of your outfit.  Say your outfit is pink and orange, you can use your shoes to accentuate either one colour. This way you are not stealing away the glory of your patterned outfit, but complementing it. Gladiator slip-ons are the perfect shoe for such outfits.