Is Age Just A Number When It Comes To Love Too?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re constantly reminded, through various media that love is in the air. We’re bombarded with red hearts, cupid’s arrows and the general sentiment of romance. The “cheesy” and “corny” lines surround us everywhere we go and often, we find ourselves wondering, are we too old for this? Are we to cynical for Valentine’s Day? Is it only fit for young college students and newly-weds?

As we grow older, do we lose the hopeless romantic inside of us? Do we lose the young girl who used to read fairy tales, the young adult who watched Rom-Coms, the college student who read love novels? Do we lose touch of the boy who believed that there’s one girl out there for everyone? Has our mind-set towards “The One” changed?

And for those who are already in fulfilling and committed relationships, do we take our significant other for granted? Have we lost the magic of the firsts? Have we gotten so used to our other half that we forget to do the little things that make them smile?

This brings us to think, what really is the significance of Valentine’s Day in our worlds after a certain age? Does age really make us more closed off to expressing our love to our significant other? Is cynicism really taking over our lives in a way that we’re unable to celebrate a grand holiday like this? Has Valentine’s Day just become a date on the calendar?

At Metro Shoes, we believe that age is just a number when it comes to #FindingYourPair. And once you’ve done that, to express your love to them in all of its glory. This Valentine’s Day, make a conscious effort to tell those you love, what they mean to you. Practice small gestures to illustrate their importance in your life. We urge you to articulate your sentiments and bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. So pull up your socks, head down to the Metro Shoes store, #FindYourPair and muster up the courage to tell your significant other that they are valued!

It would be futile for us to speak about this without telling each of our valued customers how appreciated they are. When it comes to buying shoes online, Metro has been your first choice and for that we thank you. So each of you reading this, this year, you are our Valentine!