4 Must have casual shoes on your next trip


In today’s world of rush hours, where everybody is in a race towards achieving their goals, one needs to have the most comfortable pair of shoes to wangle their dreams. And casual shoes stand out to be more efficient and stylish at the same time. In the footwear category, Casual shoes for women have a vast variety of options to select from. Here are a few casual shoes that are must haves when on a trip!


Yellow slip on

Imagine yourself on a beautiful coast wearing a lovely beach dress and struggling to take off your shoes. Ugh! That would be such a terror. So when heading to a trip that leads your steps to the beach or a lake, the most ideal pair of casual footwear is slip-ons. Also, styling a pair of these women’s casual shoes is pretty easy. Pair them with your favourite pair of shorts or even a floral printed dress and you are good to go! A bright coloured pair adds the spice to your outfit. Slip-ons are the most comfortable among the footwear range.


Black Casual Loafers

Sturdy yet stylish, Loafers stand out to be one of the most talked about pair of shoes for women in 2017. From top designers like Alexander Wang to Gigi Hadid, you can spot loafers literally everywhere! Now you know why these are in the list of top must have shoes this season. Pair them with your favourite ripped denim or style them with a checked pencil skirt for a classic look. This pair won’t disappoint you when it comes to comfort and fashion at the same time!


Casual Ballerinas

A pair of ballerina will add a feminine touch to your footwear collection. When on a trip, a floral pair of ballerinas with a cute bow will make your outfit look captivating and chic. Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow and similar coloured dresses would be perfect for the day out trip while slipping into your favourite pair of ballerinas.


Grey Casual Sneakers

Metallics are supposedly predicted as one of the trendiest patterns of shoes in 2017. A pair of golden sneakers have a suave vibe to them and they look absolutely crisp when paired with the right outfit. Who does not want to look stylish while having the comfort of wearing sneakers at the same time? When on a trip, pair these golden sneakers with your favourite pair of boyfriend jeans and stick to basic white tee shirt for a fun and cute look. You can accessorise further by adding a bomber jacket for the perfect airport look.