8 Shoe Styles That Are Changing the Fatherhood Look for Young Dads

Once you enter the Fraternity of Fathers, everyone automatically assume that your fashion sense just died a quick little death. No matter how much super dads like Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Shahrukh Khan or Shahid Kapoor try to prove otherwise, fatherhood is hard. And it’s even harder to look good while doing it. Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered. Have a look at these men shoes styles every young father needs to avoid that embarrassing “dad style” category:


Navy Blue sneakers

Whether it’s a last-minute run for diapers or a stroll across the park with your little nugget, sneakers can never disappoint you. Casual, comfortable, and cool, a pair of sneakers will ensure you stay in the fashion game, despite your dad status.

Tasselled loafers

Tan Loafers

Men do not have pretty accessories like anklets for their feet like women. However, they do have something even better – the tasselled loafer. Elegant, refined and packed with a lot of grace, this loafer will elevate you to the cool dad status instantly. Don’t believe us? Just walk into a party with a nice pair of brown tasselled loafers. We guarantee that after your baby, your shoes will be the only thing people notice.

Slip on loafer

Metro Green Lifestyle Shoes

If you don’t want embellishments on your shoe, but prefer the simple comfort of a loafer, you can try the slip-on loafer. Our forever-favourite pieces happen to be a simple velvet slip-on in black, a tan leather slip-on and grey suede loafers.

Caterpillar shoes

Brown Boots

If you want a shoe that is more robust than the ones we have spoken so far, opt for caterpillar shoes. Rugged, sturdy and durable, these shoes will be a perfect companion on all your scenic hikes and family adventures. Let these dependable pieces support your feet as you support your wife through all your parenting fun.



Espadrille is casual shoes made of light material, mostly fabric. They come with a sturdy sole, which makes them perfect for all those long walks in the park with your kid. Their easy slip-on style is super convenient on days when you and your wife need to rush out for an emergency spree to the store.

Two-toned shoes

Two toned shoes

Hardest to style, but easiest to please with, two-toned shoes for men are your answer for old-school dressing. These shoes are perfect for those young dads who have a spot soft for vintage aesthetics and all things Gatsby. Wear these timeless shoes and set an example for your little one on how to dress like a gentleman.