Help! How Do I Match My Black And Brown Shoes With My Suits?

The fashion world goes through its ebb and flow continually, however, classics remain classics. Men all over the world love to experiment with the colors of their suits and tuxedos. For example, 2013 saw the advent of the emerald colored velvet suits and 2014 saw the royal blues, deep purples and checkered suits. But the blacks, blues and greys have been a staple in this ever-changing, ever-evolving world. Alas, the true problem arises when you have to pick your shoes! Can you wear brown with black? Can you wear blue with brown? These are some of the questions that cross your mind while picking out the perfect shoes that go with your suit. Metro Shoes will help you identify which colour will match your suit!

Metro Shoes-02

The Brown Suit

A well-fitted brown suit is inevitably found in each man’s wardrobe. This color in suits can go from fab to drab within seconds, so it is essential that you pair them with chic and sophisticated brown shoes. Here’s our pick for the perfect brown suit: to make it fab each time!

Metro Shoes-05

Black Suit

A black suit is a wardrobe essential. Period. Black goes with black. Period. However, it’s very easy to get swept up in a myriad of colors, because everything matches with this versatile color! But in order to be always classy and never trashy, here’s the ideal shoe for this hue:
Metro Shoes-03

Blue Suit

Here’s one of our favourite, eternally charming suit, the Blue Suit. This color can have a plethora of shades and variations, but what remains constant are the shoes you can pair them with. This one’s a bit tricky, because it goes with both, black and brown, so the key lies in the details! Our top choices for this color would be: and

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Grey Suit

Grey suits are one of those must-haves that separate a mediocre closet from a top notch one. Grey suits are perfect for formal occasions and the boardroom. However, they pose a conundrum, should you match the glorious grey with black or brown shoes. Trick question! You can match them with both. Find our favourite picks here: and
The color conundrum is thus solved!