Declutter for Diwali: Make space for new footwear and festivities

Diwali means family get-togethers, loud laughter, sporting those ethnic clothes and gorging on sweets without counting the calories. The festival brings with it a different spirit altogether, which is enough to make us do the one thing which we dread throughout the year – clean the house. Now come on, don’t you deny that you secretly love to help your mum with all the polishing. Moreover, you find yourself making time to arrange and rearrange your wardrobe. The newly cleaned spaces seem a perfect fit for storing all the fresh festive shopping. If you are confused as to how to make room for the new Diwali shoes, worry not. Implement these small hacks and convert your much-messed shoe rack into ahh-what-an-organised-view. Don’t be surprised if your mum has a tear or two looking how efficient you have become. Thank us later.

  1. ) Bid farewell to the old footwear

How will you ever be able to fit your new footwear if your keep storing the old ones? Keep only those waders which you use or might use in the future. We know it is hard to let go of those dear slip ons which lie on the rack just because you like that color but never wear. It is time to bring in new ones, no?

P.S. Feeling bad about throwing them out? We have an unmatched replacement  with these Gold Ethnic Slip Ons on Metro Shoes.

 2.) Take the conventional route of using an old cloth to clean and declutter

There is no other way one can keep the shoe rack spick and span. Take any old cloth and start wiping every corner of the shoe rack. You can soak the cloth in water to wipe if you are sure that the rack is made of waterproof material. Once you clean it, you will see how much space you actually have to keep your new collection. Adopt simple ways of storing the new footwear like keeping the shoes in a  shoe box to maintain their texture and shape.

To lessen the number of shoes on the rack, you can divide them into two or three sections depending on how often you use them and store accordingly. For e.g., the party wear can be kept in the storage while your sneakers, sportswear and casuals can find a place on the shoe rack. This will help keep a minimum number of shoes outside. Make a point to use a duster on your shoe rack once a week, thereby keeping the dust off your footwear.

3.) Bring in the new ones!

Once you have enough space to keep new shoes, go shopping! But first, make a list of what kind of footwear you want for the festivities. Considering Diwali has a lot of vibrant charm to it, go for bright colors. Bring in the freshness with peppy embroideries and styles to match your mood with Metro Shoe’s ethnic collection.

For all the men out there, give a break to your one-footwear-everywhere rule and give in to your cultural demand with some mojaris.


Diwali 2017 is all about letting in the positivity and newness. We wish this festival brings a lot of new opportunities (and shoes) to your doorstep.