A pair for every mood: Metro Shoes decodes your pulse and passion

Seize the day, they say. Live for today, they shout. Know your worth, they whisper.

Reading and listening to such life lessons is easier than to actually get up, take your guts along and get going. However, if coupled with the right motivation and accessories, nothing seems to be unattainable. Metro Shoes has always believed in keeping you psyched up for anything life throws at you. Catching up on the pulse of ‘being alive’, we have crafted few specials to push your passions.

The pairs match your mood and are semi-kickbacks for you being ‘you’. A pair for that solo trip, a pair for the approaching marathon, a pair to roam aimlessly to find a new beginning, Metro Shoes indeed knows what it is to feel every ounce of existence. We have chalked out few instances from our daily lives, which sometimes do not get their full due. The next time you find yourself gearing up for anything like this or are just too lazy to move, find your pair and hit the ground running!

1.) For traveling your heart out –

It is never too late to make a bucket list of places you REALLY want to visit. All you need is a bit of planning, your basic instincts and a pair of these casual-yet-classy boots to go to your first adventure.

2.) For sporting a sport –

Need a shot of energy? Grab these bright and dynamic pair of sports sneakers and go for a quick run and you will be left happily exhausted yet motivated. That’s what workouts do to you, don’t they? And who said exercising has to be boring? Make your workout playlist and run, walk, sprint to your heart’s content.

3.) For Rambling Weekends –

There are times when your day and nights play in slow-mo and you are in no mood to rush. Yes, weekends bring in a lot of sluggish air which is hard to escape. At such times, wear these Beige Loafers and shake off the boredom. The subtle color of the footwear uplifts your mood or becomes a soothing partner while you want to be alone.

4.) For soaking in the Monday Madness –

The most depressing thing after the season of Game of Thrones getting over is the weekly monster coming our way, which is called ‘Monday’. Not anymore. Put your best clothes and compliment them with a pair of smart formals aka these black moccasins. The tidy pair will help you float through the day easily and shall keep your spirits high as you won’t get enough of the right attention.

5.) For slaying that party –

There are some nights where you want to dance your heart out and shimmer in the night of lights. You want to get lost in the sound of music and sway your body to its rhythm. So, what is holding you back? Get into these gorgeous red party sandals and dance till you drop!

6.) For acing a traditional avatar-

Don’t shy away from making some bold statements in the festivities. We daresay that your traditional outfits will make heads turn. To match your attire, try equally ethnic wedges which will help you kick it up a notch.

Tell us how you paired your moment with the right kind of Metro Shoes. After all, the right pair of footwear can take you places (pun intended).