5 Must-Have Girls’ Shoes That are Trending Right Now

When it comes to girls’ shoes, there are five styles that are essential and currently among the hottest fashion trends. No matter the age, your little girl should have some of these in her collection.  This way, you can ensure they transition from summertime play into fall activities without any hiccups! So if you are looking for cute and trendy shoes for your little girl, look no further! Metro Shoes brings you the top 5 must-have types of girls’ shoes, which are also trending right now. Fashionable and synonymous with comfort, keep reading to find out more about these girls’ shoes.

Discover A New World of Girls’ Shoes 

Several types of girls’ shoes can be found at Metro Shoes, ranging from simple and dressy to glamorous. There’s something for every girl to strut around in. Here are some must-have shoes for every type of girl which will keep your young lady’s style a cut above the rest. 


This year, girls’ sneakers are going big, and we have all of the best styles to fit your little one’s style. From chunky trainers to sleek slip-on sneakers, these sports shoes for girls are best for walking, running, and playing sports. They have air cushions and comfortable soles, which gives your kiddo the support they need to have a fun time. Find them in exciting shade ranges and surprise her with a sneaker of her favourite colour!  


These shoes for girls are simply adorable! They allow your little one to keep up with her style while staying comfortable. They feature a soft, flexible sole, and a closed round-toe beautiful design. These shoes are further beautified with cute and quirky embellishments. So, add a bit of interest to your mini-me’s outfits with matching girls’ ballerinas. They can be worn all day, and are perfect for elevating her everyday style.

Platform Sandals 

Every girl loves a good heel and platform sandals are the only heeled shoes a mother can fully trust. These heel shoes for girls offer comfort and add instant style. You do not have to worry about your kid tripping while walking in platform sandals as the straps and chunky soles support the feet well. Through thick and thin, these shoes offer safety with style. Platform sandals are also versatile as they seamlessly blend with just about any outfit, such as denims and dresses.  

Fancy Flats 

Women’s flats came into fashion several years ago and are not going away anytime soon. The combination of comfort, simplicity, and style make these shoes a staple for everyone, including little girls. There are styles for every outfit and occasion. You can find flats for every occasion –  from school events to birthday parties – and doll up your little princess in the best way. 


Boots for girls do compliment the overall appearance of anyone who wears them, including tiny tots. The unique design and sturdy structure of these girls’ shoes will help your young one stand out in the crowd. Besides the style, these shoes also protect the feet from cold, dust, wind, etc. Boots are a complete package of function, style, and comfort. Furthermore, they come in various types of heels, such as wedges, kittens, stilettos, etc., which will give your little angel plenty of choices.  

At Metro Shoes, we have footwear for all moods and requirements. From subtle and sophisticated to bold and glamorous, we have them all! Our range of shoes is tailor-made to suit the taste and comfort needs of every little girl. So when you shop at Metro Shoes, you can rest assured about the quality of stylish shoes for girls.