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How To Choose Comfortable Dress shoes


When it comes to wardrobe essentials, Dress Shoes top every list on the planet. There is just no way around them. Be it completing your smart LBD outfit or attempting dapper dressing with your fav navy blazer, dress shoes are synonymous with the word, Chic styling.

As necessary as these shoes are, finding the right pair is no easy feat. The choices are way too many but choosing the exact one is quite tricky. Be it for the gentlemen or the ladies, there is one thing to keep in mind while selecting a pair, find the ones that fit your feet rather than making your feet fit the shoe.

Here are a few other ways you can pick the perfect pair:

Guy Meets The World

It’s almost celebratory for men, wearing the dress shoes for the first time. Waving your beloved Toms a happy goodbye and welcoming dapper scrapper dressing with a smart pair of shoes. To pick the right pair, it’s first important to understand the anatomy of a dress shoe and its types. Once you are familiar with the basics, here a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. There is no substitute for quality. Never go cheap on your couture. Superior quality shoes have certain indicators that can help you differentiate them from the cheaper ones. Both the shoe as well as the sole of is made of pure leather. A well made shoe is never glued, always stitched. The lining is usually made of calfskin or soft leather. A great pair will be probably cost you more but will last you for years.
  2. Consider it a rule of thumb when it comes to shoes, black is always dressier than brown. This doesn’t mean brown shoes don’t have their considerable charm but black will always have an edge.
  3. Laced patterns look smarter than slip-on ones.
  4. An elongated toe looks way more stylish than square capped one. There are hardly any shoes than can match the elegance of a pair of Black, Cap toed Oxfords.



Girl Meets The World

‘I can’t think in flats!’ said every girl, ever.  Well, technically Victoria Beckham said that but who are we to disagree with Posh? From chic pumps and sky-high stilettos to sleek platforms, there are so many options for girls to choose from. Just a few pointers to keep in mind while finding your dress sole-mate:

  1. Just as guys, while selecting dress shoes, it’s really important to know the basics. Your ideal shoe size (separately for each foot), your shoe shape and width are some details that you should have down cold before you pick your pair.
  2. Make sure the shoe perfectly fits the broadest part of your feet and has enough room around to wiggle your toes.
  3. It’s really important to know, how to read the different size charts that different brands from various countries use.
  4. Never shy away from asking for half sizes if your feet are somewhere on those measures.
  5. Your heels should slip on your feet easily with minimum effort and have adequate cushioning to support the balls of your feet while walking.


So, these were a few steps to keep in mind while selecting your ideal dressy, dress shoes. Do your research and browse through our exclusive ranges to find your perfect pair only at Metro.