Wedding Bells Call! Five Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes to Add More Grace

If you are finalizing a venue, figuring out the buffet, narrowing down your guest list, doing all this while sticking to your budget, then be rest assured that wedding season is officially here! For most brides, their wedding is the most exciting time of their lives. It is their most special day. However, the process that ensues prior to the big day can be very stressful.

One of the biggest tasks for a bride would be choosing her outfit. Regardless if she is wearing a pristine white gown or a beautiful lehenga, one dilemma that will remain common for both is her footwear. The last thing you want is for your feet to hurt on your wedding day. If you want to enjoy this beautiful day, you need to make sure you choose the right pair of wedding shoes.

Shoes for women come in multiple categories. Right from stilettoes, wedges, platform heels to slip-ons. Here are 5 perfect pairs of wedding shoes to add grace to your outfit!

Stylish Stilettoes

These are the most commonly worn wedding shoes. Most women wear floor length outfits for their wedding and want some height so that their hemline does not drag down. Depending on the colour of your outfit, choose a stylish pair of stilettoes. However, since they are heels, it is better to wear them out before the big day. You can purchase such bridal footwear online. Order them in advance and wear them outside so you can get used to it. Stilettoes not only give you good height, but also lend an elegant look.

Stylish Stilettoes

Vows In Wedges

If you are not someone who can manage the tricky shoe like the stiletto, then we suggest you go for the next best option, wedge heels. These give you the same height as the stilettoes but are more comfortable to walk in due to the absence of the pointed heel. The surface area of the wedge heel is larger making it a more conducive option to walk around. You can wear them out in the open as well as in a closed venue.

Stylish Wedges

Fun in Flats

Speaking of venues, if your wedding is out in the open, the last thing you want is for your heel to get caught up in the earth. Thus, it is best to stick to flats. Be more mindful of the length of your outfit. Flats work best with wedding gowns since no one can potentially see them. If you detest the trying task of wearing heels, flats are an extremely conducive option for a wedding shoe. You can choose ethnic flats with embellishments to go with your lehenga!

Stylish Flats

Carefree in Kitten Heels

If you want the best of both worlds, choose kitten heels. These heels are not as tall as stilettoes and provide the comfort of flats. You can get stylish kitten heels online. They are also available in multiple colors in case you want to go for a statement shoe.

Kitten Heels

Party in Platforms

For those brides who cannot contain their excitement and want to dance their hearts out, platform heels are perfect. These heels give you enough surface area to walk and dance comfortably. They also give you the required height so that you do not trip over your outfit. The good thing is you can dance all night long without wanting to take your heels out.

Party Platform Shoes

Your wedding is meant to be the most special day of your lives. Do not let the wrong choice of footwear ruin your spirit. While choosing the perfect shoe, keep in mind the venue, length of your outfit and you will be good to go.