5 Mix and Match Styles to Try with Sneakers

The fashion world is currently going through a sneaker Renaissance. All top designers have embodied the athleisure trend onto high-fashion silhouettes. Whether your style is flirty and preppy or edgy and chic, there is a sneaker that can complement it. An unconventional idea, but sneakers are more versatile than you’d think.

However, if you want to style sneakers, you need to have an experimentative and open outlook. Being an unusual combination, women’s sneakers manage to bring in the much-needed comfort factor to your outfit! If you want to incorporate this trend in your outfits, here are 5 mix and match styles you can try.

1. Where the runway meets the running track

Who said sneakers for women were only restricted to physical activities. Now you can walk the runway with bold, statement sneakers. If you have fashionable runway worthy clothes but do not know how to wear it for a casual event, worry not. You can dress down your pretty dresses and designer items with a pair of casual white sneakers. This will add an interesting contrast to your outfit!

2. Where leather meets laces

Speaking of contrast, have you ever thought of mixing leather with laces? Why not? Mixing textures is the best way to add an oomph factor to your outfit. Sport a pair of skinny leather pants, with a basic cotton T-shirt, an oversized sweater or coat. Finally add a pair of funky sneakers. If you want a little something more, you can change the laces to a bright colour!

3. Where pretty meets platforms

Are you the kinds who have a stock of pretty frocks with fun patterns? Are you looking for a way to switch things up? Try sneakers. Pair platform sneakers with your petite dress. This will not only accentuate your height, but it will also flatter the dress since the platforms will add an edgy vibe to a pretty outfit! You can find fashionable woman’s shoes online that can amplify your wardrobe.

platform sneaker

4. Where fur meets fast-paced

Play around with faux fur and chic sneakers. Keep the fur restricted to the top half of your outfit. This is essential or else the balance of your outfit will go off. You can wear loose straight pants, skinny jeans or some cuffed trousers. On top, sport a smart fur coat or vest with black leather sneakers to balance the edginess in the outfit!

5. Where skirts meet sneakers

The great thing about sneakers is that it can look effortless regardless of the length of your garment! Pair elegant evening skirts and pair them with your smart sneakers. If you have a more elaborate skirt, keep the show minimal. Play with neutral shades such as black, white or grey. If you choose to keep the shoes minimal, then match with the upper half of your outfit by keeping it simple as well!