Unveiling The Wonder Woman Hidden In You On #InternationalWomensDay

How do you define a woman? The Oxford dictionary states that a woman is an adult human female. That’s about it. Or maybe the pages of the dictionary cannot capture the powerful force that a woman is. With the many roles and characters she plays day in and day out, it is nearly impossible to gather the prowess of the fairer sex. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, which falls on 8th of March, we are making the most of this opportunity to commemorate every wonder woman present in our life. She walks, she runs, and she crawls if needed, but one thing she does not is stop. She is there in our mother, our sister, in your wife and in our girlfriends. We take a pick from the many personalities she plays, just to realize how impossible it seems for someone to hold so many worlds within. Go on and tell us which one do you relate to the most.

1)    I am the Lady Boss

Picture your mother over here – the one who pulls all the strings at the right time. She always seems to be in control of the situation. A hundred salutes will fall short to thank her, but a bear hug might do the trick. We believe that a lady boss needs a fitting pair of tough formal pumps to get things done.


2)    And the one who goes crazy sometimes

Everyone has a meltdown. She is the one who will go bonkers and still land on her feet every time. Your unconventional traits and these Tan Platform Heels are a match made in heaven.

3)    How about the one who is always up for a new adventure?

She knows it is good to let her hair down once in a while and enjoys every bit of it. We absolutely recommend a scooter ride to your heart’s content. We absolutely recommend a scooter ride to your heart’s content in these Camel Ballerinas 🙂

4)    The one who lends you a shoulder to cry on

You know that she is a phone call away at any given point in time. The best therapy sessions are hidden in the long phone calls with the mother hen. A simple and sophisticated pair of White Casual Ballerinas suit your calm inner self.


5)    Not to forget, I am also a hard-core romantic

Every woman has a different way of expressing her love. Some say it loud, some whisper. Nevertheless, her love is one of a kind. These Red Formal Pumps are sure to turn up the heat with every click of your heel.


6)    And obviously, the dedicated one

She knows her priorities and sticks to them in every situation. To juggle in between personal and professional lives is a hard task which she does effortlessly. The Yellow Casual Slip Ons have a cheerful vibe which makes this juggling a cake walk.


7)    The fighter

A wonder woman is known for her skills to fight against the odds. With her never-give-up mantra, her round the clock silent and some not-so-silent fights make her tough. A pair of  Grey Casual Sneakers are for you, who resonate the mantra of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’.

8)    The one who believes in self-love

She knows that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Hence, investing time in herself by taking a moment alone or indulging in activities which helps her find solace is an absolute necessity. Knowing that retail therapy helps every time, how about indulging in these Beige Block Heels?

These personalities are just the tip of an iceberg. To guage a woman, one will need many lives and still not get to know her ability. International Women’s Day is a reminder to make every woman belive that she is indeed a wonder woman without a cape. Metro Shoes is proud to bring a special Women’s Day collection to commemorate the hero within you.