Sneaker and Suit – How to combine the best of both worlds

Once upon a time, the only people who wore sneakers with suits were hipster high school kids on a mission to rebel against established norms. Times have changed, however, and long-held rules have steadfastly been broken. When it comes to styling suits, formal shoes for men are now making room for sneakers on the ramp. A fresh spin on a classic look, the right pair of sneakers with a sharp suit can give Oxfords and Brogues a run for their money.

But you can’t just decide to wear a chunky piece on a bulky suit. Sneakers may be the casual cousins we all need to liven up the sombre vibes of a suit, but not all sneakers are fit to wear with formal outfit. To achieve that casual look without appearing too scruffy for business, one needs to avoid certain pitfalls of formal fashion.

Suit your Silhouettes

white and silver sneakers

When it comes to experimenting with the sneaker-with-suit combo, one needs to push aside regular norms of styling. To get this look right, you have to remember the key element: the silhouette of the shoe. Expressly avoid pairing any kind of sneakers with baggy suits. Your formal wear should be sharp, crisp and neatly put together for the casual vibe of the sneaker to shine. Whether you’re wearing low cut sneakers or high-top trainers, keep your pants slim-fit and just right at your ankle. We suggest wearing a flashy pair of kicks with a lightweight suit.

Outfit with Sneakers

If you want to experiment with prints and patterns, keep in mind the patterns of your suit. A pinstriped navy suit, for example, will look outrageous with a paisley patterned orange sneaker. If you are in the mood to wear statement shoes, try contrasting colour palettes for your clothes. Another way you could rock the sneaker game is by pairing metallic shoes with pastel colours. A soft turquoise suit will look all shades of cool with silver high-tops. You could also experiment with plain earthy tones to highlight the glamour of your kicks.

Materials that matter

Black Casual Sneakers


While colourways and construction play a huge role in this style game, don’t forget to keep in mind the material of the shoe. These days you can find sneakers is a variety of materials, like suede, nubuck, leather, and even velvet. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for different materials. The texture of the shoe lends more personality to the outfit. In more formal settings, opt for leather kicks that will make you look classy yet casual.

Grey Sports Sneakers

Suede is a muted material that requires a lot of care to sustain itself. Wear suede sneakers in a neutral shade like white, beige or millennial pink with a monochromatic, dark suit. You could also experiment with shades of burgundy and wine. Such bold colour in a suede finish will add to the high-end business vibe.

Stand out with Socks

Grey Sports Sneakers

To wear socks or not – the age-old dilemma when it comes to wearing statement shoes. This season, you can do both. The thing to remember is the length and fit of your shoes and suit. If you’re in a mood for a high-top trainer with a slick suit, its best to stick with cropped fit socks that won’t steal the spotlight from your shoes. You want the attention on your kicks, not the socks. Make sure you wear slim fit trousers as they will give you that elongated appearance for high-tops.

White Sneakers

If you’re wearing low-cut sneakers with pants that fall right on your ankle, you have a considerable skin space to make a statement with socks. Keep your outfit monochromatic, and wear some quirky socks with solid-coloured sneakers. It will not just make the outfit more casual and fun, but will also display your confident personality.