A Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad,

I take this occasion of Father’s day to thank you for moulding me to be the person I am today. I can only express in words, what I feel for you as in person my respect for you takes away my capacity to open my heart to you.

This letter is a way of telling you how much your being there for me in my growing up years means to me. It decided the course my life took and I can’t be more grateful to you for shaping my destiny for what it is today – Happy and Successful.

I remember my growing up days when you would get ready for work but not before our morning run. Little that I was, you would carry me and run along just so that I could grow up with the healthy habit of a morning run.

I still remember the time you bought me the finest pair of shoes for my first game of football. You told me that day, “Dear child, wear them like your second skin and handle them with care.”And then my eyes caught you wearing the same shoes that you’d been wearing for years. I asked you to buy new ones for yourself too but you told me, “ It either your shoes or mine.”

I am successful in business today and I am sharing the gift of new shoes with you this Father’s day.

The shoes are from your favourite brand – Metro Shoes. The iconic brand has some amazing styles for any and every occasion that would come to your mind.

I will send you shoes for each season and occasion because I know you won’t do that for yourself. It’s my way of thanking you for providing me with the best of everything always. You have sacrificed your wants for me and now it’s my turn to take care of your needs.

Your Child.