#Shoevember: Which shoe type are you?

Let’s get one thing straight: Men don’t get their due most of the time. The feminist in the house might raise their eyebrows and will have powerful comebacks to this. But hey, cut them some slack. They work towards their passion, have their priorities sorted and stand up for women in the face of disaster. Stereotyping is at its peak and we really can’t blame any one person for it. Amidst this, International Men’s Day is approaching, which is nothing supportive of the current wave of pro-feminism.

To throw some quick facts about this day, it states that in the year 1991, the concept of International Men’ Day was conceived and a year later i.e. in 1992, it became an annual international event. International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19th of November since then. The beginning of the movement is found in the early 60s when men started identifying the problems faced by young men and children. The mental health of men needed attention as there was a wave of depression in European countries. Since then, groups of men worked towards similar problems faced by their gender.

Metro Shoes has always been fond of styling shoes for the men of India. And trust us, we have enjoyed every bit of it. Just like every man is different in terms of his personality, taste and choices, molding them into one single shoe type is unfair. The catalog of men’s shoes perfectly sums up their every possible and varied avatar. To jazz up the day, we have brewed few shoe types which represent particular traits in men. Read, wear or stride in the ones you relate most with!

  1. The Macho Moccasins

You have a mental map ready of your every next move. Always on your toes, you wear confidence and that is what gives you an edge over the rest of the guys. Honestly, ‘gentleman’ can be your middle name and these Moccasins match up to your aura.










2. The Easy-going Sneakers

Oh, the charmer that you are, the placid and boyish magnetism is so irresistible. Open about your emotions and choices, you make things simpler by talking about it. Dates with you are fun! Choose a pair of sneakers here for your next one.










3. The Magnetic Mojaris

There is something earthy about you. The vibes, the conversations and the way you carry yourself – everything has a border of vigour which sets the bar high for people around you. It is a given that ethnic footwear complements any Indian outfit. Make the most of these mojaris from Metro Shoes.










4. The Uninhibited Oxfords

You like to play it cool and formal. Unwinding after a long day with some video games is your thing and you don’t mind showing your emotional side once in a while. However, you guard your self with layers and layers of poise. Oxfords and you have a lot in common and are perfect for your I-challenge-you-to-read-me personality.










5. The Friendly Slippers

You are the boy-next-door. The simplicity in you is sweet and how. Playing hide and seek is definitely not your thing. However, it is hard to miss the underlying strong mettle. Your playful personality makes you an instant favourite, just like these comfortable slippers.










Tell us which shoe type do you most associate with and buy them from the huge collection of Metro Shoes.

We can love them, hate them, but cannot ignore them. Such are the men in our lives. And we need them in every walk of our life. Metro Shoes wishes every such man a very Happy International Men’s Day. Your footsteps are worth following!