World Health Day- Treat Your Feet – Metro Shoes

7th of April, 1950, was the day the World Health Organisation, at its summit, declared that this day would be celebrated as World Health Day. The aim behind this day was to spread awareness about the various health hazards that citizens of the world are affected by and open up a line of communication between health care professionals and individuals. Each year, World Health Day is dominated by a theme, this year’s theme being “Let’s Talk About Depression. “

But in all the years that WHD has existed, not once has the topic of discussion been feet. Out feet are literally the bases of our being. They are the true MVPs and the most under appreciated parts of the body. Our feet are composed of 52 bones, which is a quarter of the entire bone composition of our bodies. They bear our weight the whole day and are composed of a large group of joints in the body. Yet, we neglect them. Our feet are connected to a host of other parts in our body that can severely impact their health as well.

So today, we dedicate this World Health Day to the unsung heroes that are our feet. Let’s start with the different parts of our body that are affected by the well-being of our feet. Your feet directly affect your posture. The receptors on your feet send signals to your brain, which acts on these signals, making continuous micro-adjustments in the position of your body in order to maintain balance and prevent you from falling down.

Your feet also affect your knees, your back, your ankles and your arteries. The arch of your foot also bears a lot of the brunt of the wear and tear that we expose them to. The average person walks about 8000-10000 steps a day, which is about 1,85,000 kilometers and this adds up to about 15 rounds of the earth! And if your body alignment is off due to a collapsing arch, you are going to face a host of problems ranging from chronic back pain, to hip aches and shoulder pains. Not just this, if you don’t have the correct heal support, an early onset of arthritis is possible.

So go out a purchase a pair of Biofoot Shoes that are everything your feet need to prevent and correct most foot related disorders (back pain, knee pain, leg pain and heel pain). They are designed to support and provide comfort to your feet. The arch support and heel cup are designed in a way to maintain perfect body alignment. They also improve your stability and performance and reduce “my feet are sore” complaints.

Pick a pair of these at a Metro Shoes store new on or at The ergonomically designed shoe supports all the parts of your feet that directly or indirectly affect your overall posture and well-being. This comfortable and supportive shoe is perfect for everyday use, especially for those who are on their feet for a major part of the day. This Biofoot shoe will improve your balance and performance. The material is light and airy, keeping you light on your feet and preventing sweaty, smelly feet, just in time for the summer.

This year invest in orthotics, no matter what age group you belong to. A pair of well-fitted, well-adjusted shoes can truly change your life. The key is not in a cure; it is in prevention.