The Best Dressed Guest – Metro Shoes

As the wedding season approaches, our beloved friends and relatives announces their upcoming nuptials. You’re happy for them for the first 20 minutes and then suddenly, it hits you, what are you going to wear?! As the mother, father, brother, sister or best friends of the happy couple, you know that a part of the spotlight will shine in you too. So you have to be the best-dressed guest. Here are some looks we curated to help you in this endeavor.






For The Sister

Not only is the sister at the receiving end of constant “You’re next!” remarks, but also is a part of the wedding party. She has to perform a number of rituals and has to ensure that she is dressed to impressed. This gorgeous pink lemonade hued gown, with a gorgeous two-finger ring, headdress and these stunning kohlapuris, is the perfect outfit for her.







For the Brother

As a sibling of the bride or groom, the brother has to perform various duties, while looking dapper. He must exude a calm and cool vibe, while he is asked to do a number of jobs in the pandemonium of the wedding. So for Mr. Brother, we suggest, a debonair Nehru jacket, complete with a pocket square and some snazzy sunglasses. However, to comfortably complete the look, he needs a pair of these classy leather chappals.






For the Mother

The mother of the bride/ groom is one of the most important people at the wedding. Along with making sure everything is running smoothly, she has to make sure she is dressed in her most elegant and graceful outfits. This gold number with jadau jewelry makes for the perfect wedding garb for her. This look requires a pair of comfortable yet glamorous pair of Metro’s wedding footwear.







For the Father

The father has the onus upon him to make sure everything at the wedding goes through without a hitch. He must be dressed in the best and most comfortable attire. And what better that a kurta-pajama with sophisticated buttons. He should add the finishing touch with these ethnic kohlapuris.








The Maid-of-Honour

Being the bride’s best friend comes with a certain set of responsibilities. The MOH has to be the bride’s left hand (or right) throughout the nuptials. She has to help and come to her add at all times. But at the same time, she must be dressed in her most beguiling outfits, like this blush pink gown, with rose gold jewelry complete with these strappy beauties.












The Best Man

Being a groomsman too comes with it’s own duties. The best man is the groom’s most important ally to steer him through the wedding while holding onto his sanity! And a man in his position must be dressed to a tee. A 3-piece tuxedo, with a classic pair of brogues, and he can do no wrong.













Being the best-dressed wedding guest is not easy, but it is essential. And dressing is not complete without the ideal pair of Metro shoes.