Festival Looks

December has a notorious reputation for being the party month, and rightly so, seeing as all the major music festivals, Christmas and New Year’s occur during this month. Whether it’s a Goan getaway, a Pune escapade, a Delhi staycation, a Bangalore romp or a Bombay extravaganza, music festivals and concerts are happening everywhere, this time of the year. What one must be mindful of is that as every concert has a different genre, every genre requires a different outfit. So whether it’s an air-pumping EDM concert, a good vibes only Indie concert or a head-banging rock concert, don’t worry, girl, we’ve got you covered.

EDM Concert

Seeing as it’s going to be an adrenaline pumping, charged concert, which will involve a whole lot of jumping and dancing, you’re going to have to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Sneakers are your holy grail at these concerts. This androgynous trend is here to stay and add a cool and vibrant energy to your outfit.







Indie Festival

A laidback Indie festival begs you to exude your bohemian chicness. A classy caged top with a free flowing maxi skirt, paired with a gorgeous flower power headdress is perfect with our thong slippers. Be carefree and blasé and enjoy with good vibes only!

Blog Look






Rock Concert

Rock reminds us of high voltage and the 70s. Be dressed in all black + leather and voilà you’re ready to head bang and how! A cool biker jacket with a bold cuff will help you be far out! Pair the leather with these rocker-chic block heels.







Bonus Look: The Coachella Look!

Although Coachella is not held in India, but in the beautiful escapes of California, we love dressing in these “flower power” outfits. Coachella is the stomping ground for hipsters and celebrities alike spotted in floral headbands, quirky hairsyles, the overt usage of accessories and a lot of fringe with a boho feel. Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner are the reigning queens of this quintessential festival look and we’ve drawn heavy inspiration from their looks. This eggshell colored tank, paired with cut-off shorts and fringed booties will help you fit right in!







Vanessa Hudgens 1_0







Whatever your genre, we have the shoes for you to dance the night away in. Music is food for the ears and fashion is for your soul. A perfect amalgamation of the two will result in the ideal festival experience.