Styling 101: Learning How To Pick The Perfect Pair – Metro Shoes

How many times have you found yourself with your entire outfit on point, down to your socks, but you’re stuck in a conundrum as to what shoes to pair with that outfit you’ve got going on? Should you pair those chinos with those sandals or wear your loafers with slacks? You know you’ve been through the anxiety. But don’t you worry; we’re going to sort you out. We’re giving you a complete breakdown on how to style your basic shoes with outfits so you never have to be left wondering again.

Sandals: Sandals walk a fine line when it comes to fashion dos and don’ts. A real man’s sandal should exude style and class. A sandal NEVER is pairing it with socks. There is no bigger crime in fashion than to pair sandals with socks. They’re hideous and a giant NO-NO. However, when it comes to wearing sandals always keep in mind the length of your pants. If you choose to wear them with ankle trousers or chinos, make sure you go for strappy sandals. If you’re looking to wear a single strap sandal, pair them with tailored shorts and of course, a tan.


Derbies: Derby shoes are a classic and should find themselves in every man’s closet. The classy and chic style of shoes lends an air of calm sophistication, but at the same time make one look snazzy. The rules with wearing derbies are not as stringent as with sandals, so you can take your liberties with it. But, derbies are ultra versatile and look good with casual as well as formal outfits. So pair them with a pair of well fitted jeans or trousers and a cardigan for dapper results. They also make for a great pairing with suits and tuxedos.


Brogues: Understanding brogues is a little difficult owing to the fact that they’re available in a number of different styles like the quarter tip, the half tip, the long tip and the wing tip. Identifying one from the other can be a task for some, but the answer lies in the tip, depending upon how far the tip is extended helps define which shoe it is. Due to the busy pattern of the brogue, they don’t make for the ideal shoes to be worn for serious or somber occasions like high-profile meetings or funerals, but the rest of the time, can be worn as semi-formal shoes. They can be worn with slacks and sportscoats or even denims with a collared shirt.


Oxfords: Men often confuse this type of shoe with brogues or derbies, but the thing to differentiate oxfords from the others is the lacing. Oxfords have closed laces and are often looked upon as the most formal shoe in one’s repertoire. Depending upon the styling, detailing and color of the shoes, you can identify how to style it. If you want to rock the oxfords for a formal occasion, pair them with a three-piece suit and finish with a slim tie. This sleek look is easy to pull off and the sleeker your shoe, the more handsome you’ll look. If you want to wear the shoes for a more casual look pair them with jeans and a blazer, but make sure your jeans are tapered and cut off right at the ankle, in order to show off the shoe. The blacks and browns are considered more formal and the tans and beiges can be pulled off with casual looks.


Loafers: When it comes to loafers, there is the ever-present raging debate of whether you wear them with socks or without. Hold your horses, because there is no right answer! You can wear them with no-see socks or with bright contrasting socks. But the eternal rule is, never go commando. Also, if you choose to pick the sock approach, make sure you pair them with a contrasting colour to create some intrigue and steer clear from being drab and boring. Now, styling. Styling the loafer is easy. Because of its versatility, the shoe can go from laid-back to casual to über chic. When wearing them in a casual environment pair with a classy linen shirt and a pair of well-tailored chinos- this look is perfect for the office. When trying to do something more high profile, like a suit, keep a clean silhouette, where the trouser cuts off at the ankle. Loafers give you some breathing space when it comes to picking an outfit color, because they add an overall chilled vibe to your ensemble.


Moccasins: Moccasins and Loafers are often used and referred to interchangeably. But the two are mere cousins, not twins! Moccasins are a smidge more formal than loafers, but the distinguishing factor is minimal. When looking to pair your mocs, ensure you avoid boot-cuts like the plague. Slightly cropped or cuffed pants, is the way to go with this type of shoe. They make for ideal shoes to take on a vacation to the beach, as they can be worn on yachts for a well put together look. Pair them with your favourite tailored shorts, a crew neck/ or a casual shirt and voilà, you’ve created a crisp outfit. While erring on the side of semi-casual looks, pick a neutral shade, which will goes well with trousers and shirts- these shoes are ideal from a Friday-at-the-office look or drinks-after-office garb. They are also ideal for when you’re going to be spending a relaxed Sunday afternoon at brunch.


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