Friendship Day Twinning | Metro Shoes

A friendship is a strange bond. Finding that person who is your pillar of strength, your 4AM phone call, your support system and your #main, is no easy feat. The person you look to for advice, fashion or otherwise, the person who knows your deepest, darkest secrets and rejoices in your victories more than anyone is in every sense of the word your BFF. Finding your pair in that one person who you would do all the above for and more, is your true friend. There is no time like the present to thank your BFF for always being there. There are no words that can describe the bond you share. There are no amount of gestures that can show them how much you treasure them. And there is no day like Friendship Day to celebrate their existence. And if your bestie is your fashion soul mate, this one folks, is for you.

Here are some outfits you and your friend can don to flaunt your friendship and give people major #goals. And nothing says best buds like matching outfits. #Twinning




Celebrate your friendship with this year and you won’t be disappointed!