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Shoe Profile: Mojaris


The Royal Fit- Mojaris.  Nothing could be a proof of the saying, What goes around comes around better than this elegant footwear. These royal shoes are quite the rage this season. Also known as Juttis, Shahees and Nagras, nothing says ethnic better than these beauties.

Made literally for royalty, Mojaris trace their origin back to the Mughal Era. Commissioned by the kings and noblemen, Mojaris were exclusively designed with tanned animal leather and adorned with gemstones and gold and silver craftsmanship.

A major favourite with the emperor, Saleem Shah, Mojaris were also known as Saleem Shahis. Later on, more affordable versions of these were invented for the common folk. Although, leather shoes have been a part of our attire for almost 5000 years, Mojaris clearly stand out due to their unique shape and style.

Essentially made by local artisans, their basic structure resembles that of ballerinas and that’s pretty much where the likeness ends. The construction and overall shape of the shoe is quite different. Made with leather, cotton weaves or canvas, the upper half is sewn directly to the base using cotton thread that enmeshes the leather sole firmly in place (no worries about the shoe breaking, ever!) while the back is usually left open. Embellished with intricate embroidery, brass nails or enamel beads, each piece is unique in its own regard.

No festivities could ever be complete without these stunners. Be it weddings, parties or just some home-grown festivities, Mojaris look stunning everywhere. If traditional doesn’t really fit your style, no better way to express your alternative punk style better than pairing them with your trusty ol’ jeans.

Be it open toed or sequined, there is one that suits every mood. Browse through our gorgeous range to find your perfect pair.

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