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Our Favourite Movember Looks Done Right

No-Shave November is here Peeps!

It’s that time of the year when men can get away with all their sloppiness and embrace their inner macho-tude. It’s easy to dismiss this as an excuse for men to not shave but it is so much more than that. It’s about celebrating International Men’s Day and embracing your Mo-Bros. Moreover, Movember raises awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of hygiene and health for all your #mainmen.

So, keeping in lieu with this special month we believe it’s time to celebrate gentlemen who are nothing short of being (well, almost) the epitome of male beauty. Here are some Mo-Bros whose Mo game is so on point it will inspire your moustache play all through the year:

  • Freddie Mercury :

Looking at the lead-vocalist of Queen is how we all define the word Rockstar. His distinctive sense of style and irreverent Chutzpah made him an icon for generations. Not only that, his untimely (not to mention sad) demise also helped spread awareness about AIDS and other STDs in men. With times there were a lot of things about this Rockstar that changed but the one thing that remained constant from ‘Love Kills’ to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is his iconic Magnum moustache. With our rockstar-esque boots and some leather glamour, all you need is the iconic moustache to shine through the streets like good ol’ Freddie.


  • Ryan Gosling :

*Swoons* Can you blame us? Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly one of the best looking gentlemen on the face of this Earth. Moreover, his dapper sense of style and amazing sense of humor make him absolutely faint worthy. The After- Eight moustache is all the perfection you need to add with our gorgeous Oxfords for your own version of Gosling.


  • Pharrell Williams:

We know it’s impossible not to croon to ‘Because I am Happy’; in your head as soon as you look at Pharrell Williams. This Billboard listed singer’s unique fashion sense is something that every Mo-Bro needs to emulate. Just throw on a camouflage coat and work through a Shadow moustache to pull off Pharrell Williams effortlessly.


  • Clark Gable :

Rhett Butler could have never made our hearts skip a beat if not for his roguish charm completed by the neat Pencil moustache. Clarke Gable is now how the generations define chivalry. With a precise gray cravat and our smooth Oxfords, a pencil moustache is all you need to show off your inner Gable.


  • Burt Reynolds :

Who doesn’t have a thing for Cowboys? Especially when their style resembles Burt Reynolds’ earthy elegance. The Prospector moustache is an icon on its own but coupled with a red cowboy shirt and our sturdy boots, the look is nothing short of Total Swagster.


So, these were some of our favourite Movember looks pulled off by gentlemen of every class and panache. How do you do your Movember? Any specific style icon you would love to imitate? Do let us know in the comments below.