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Chic, stylish and dainty – ballerinas are just the wind you need beneath the wings to awaken the long lost rhythm in you. Designed around the period of renaissance, ballerinas also known as dolly, ballet and skimmers, they were exclusively created to aid the balance and ease of movement for ballet dancers.

No one can actually confirm the year in which ballerinas were first designed, but everyone traces their origin back to the establishment of the Royal Academy of Dance by the French ruler, Louis XIV.

Women started dancing in ballet 20 years after the academy’s conception but the custom of heeled shoes prevailed back then which was unsafe and restricted any freedom of movement. A century and half later the first flat heeled ballet shoes were worn and heels have been kept out of ballet since. Ballet shoes made their transition from stage to screen to daily usage around the 1950’s due to actresses like Brigitte Bardot. Remember, Hepburn’s cheerful style in Happy Face? Well her stunning black outfit complete with the cute black ballerinas were quite the rage of the year and are still very much in style.

Similar to slippers when it comes to construction of the sole, ballerinas have no or a very thin heal and a low cut that shows the top of the foot. They are made of any variety of materials including soft leather, canvas and satin. Due to the lack of heels and the compact structure of the shoe, ballerinas are ideally suited for longer feet types. That doesn’t mean all the petite feet lassies should shy away from them. Ballet shoes look best on any foot type with a little leg spotlight. Skirts/ Shorts and Ballerinas are a match made in heaven.

Ballet shoes are an absolute staple for any wardrobe. Formals to casuals, parties, vacays or plain getaways, you need these comfortable and smart shoes for all your outfits. Metro hosts a gorgeous range of these comfortable and trendy shoes that suit your every mood.