Online Night Market – Metro Shoes

Night markets are a concept that is prevalent in most countries across the globe.
Even though most cities have high-­‐charged night lives, there is little for young
families to do. This is where the concept of night markets really thrives. Buyers and
sellers alike, come out by the hoards at these organised events to sell their wares.
Although, they are mainly a tourist hub, one can find locals purchasing a number of
household items and novelties.

Countries all across the world, organise, host and indulge in these night markets.
Cities like Dubai, Bangkok, Marrakech, Chiang Mai, Melbourne, Taipei, Peru, Laos, Los
Angeles and Hong Kong have some of the most frequently visited night markets in
the world. Not only are these a shoppers’ idea of paradise, it is also a culinary heaven
for foodies. The energy at these markets is palpable. The crowded streets, the smell
of spices, the fragrances of the merchandise, all culminate to create an experience,
everyone must witness.

We were greatly inspired by the after-­‐dark hubbub created by these markets, so we
decided to bring you one! How, you might ask? Simple, we brought it to your home,
on your screen, by the magical technology that is the internet. We have curated a
special collection just for you to shop from at our historic night market. That too, at
reduced prices. A night market sale online only on on the 23 rd of
July, from 10 P.M. to 10 A.M., marking the End of the Season.

Get the coffee brewing, because you know you’re going to stay up all night scouring
our website for the best products! See you there!