Independence Day

As Indians, we take great pride in the fact that we asserted our Independence after 200 years of oppression at the hands of the British. We celebrate our day of Independence with great gusto, and have been doing so for over the last 68 years. With each year, our country advances from strength to strength and embraces it’s potential. And Metro shoes stands right beside it.

Established in 1947, Metro is a brand that has been around since the beacon of India’s independence. We have watched India grow and become the prosperous sovereign that it is today. We watched this great nation evolve in a multitude of facets, be it culture, economy, infrastructure, development or technology. Drawing on the same lines, we have seen great potential for growth in our great country. What started out as a lone store in Mumbai’s Colaba area, has now grown leaps and bounds, and we have reached a point where we have over 160 stores in over 80 cities.

Constant evolution in technology and consumerism has encouraged us to go online. There was once a time where computers were few and far between, and we have witnessed this amazing drift, where the Internet has become the new marketplace., is our way to integrate technology and step toe to toe with India’s speedy growth over the last 68 years.

Jai Hind!