Navratri – Garba Garb – Metro Shoes

Navratri is the festival of 9 nights. Literally. It is celebrated largely in Gujarat, Mumbai and West Bengal. It is celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga. The garba and dandiya that go with it are done as a salutation to Her. Wearing 9 different colors on the 9 days of Navratri is not just a fun activity, but also has great significance. The 9 colors represent the 9 avatars or incarnations of Durga Ma. Each different, each having her own powers. And each year the colors change depending upon the day the first day of Navratri falls upon. This year, we’re giving you the low down on the garb to wear to garba, with each color, complete with a pair of Metro Shoes.






Day One: Red

This day is represented by Goddess Durga, so channel her in this gorgeous red number with a bold red lip, black liner, gold eye shadow and a pair of relaxed red and gold mojris. Up your garba game here:







Day 2: Royal Blue

Day 2 is dedicated to Goddess Renuka Devi. Show her your dedication in this immaculate dhoti pant- crop top mix, complete with jadau jewelry and a classy pair of gold heels. Shop them here:








Day 3: Yellow

Yellow is the color of Goddess Saraswati. Pay her homage in this coat and draped skirt, while you keep your make up minimalistic and nude as well as your jewelry. Add the finishing touch with these heels from Metro. Complete your look here:








Day 4: Green

Her green attire identifies Goddess Jagdamba as Durga’s avatar. Go bold with this sea green draped piece. Keep your make up somber, and let your feet do the talking with these va va voom gold heels. Look for them here:








Day 5: Grey

Goddess Bhairavi, the granter of wishes is embodied by the color grey. Please her with this eclectic grey and eclectic outfit. Finish the look with these demure mojaris. Dance the night away in these:








Day 6: Orange

The courageous Goddess Chamunda is linked with the color orange. Look like a vision in this orange crop top and skirt, with a beautiful cuff. But keep it simple and sophisticated with your footwear with these subtle rose gold slip-ons. Simplify your look here:








Day 7: White

White is Goddess Parvati’s colors. Look pristine in this peplum-esque outfit and accessorize with a pair of charming jadau earrings. Elevate this look with this pair of gold metro stilettos. Charm your way through Raas nights here:








Day 8: Pink

Pink is regarded as the color of Goddess Gauri. Wear this cape and skirt in a delicate blush pink and amp it up with these glitzy heels by Metro. Do the garba in these:








Day 9: Sky Blue

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is identified with the color Sky Blue. Say goodbye to dear Goddess Durga in this muted lehenga, subdued earrings and these exquisite aurus heels. Sway to the tunes of Raas in these heels:








Up your garba outfit game this navratri because: