4 ways to treat your feet right – Metro Shoes

As the winter approaches, we’re all faced with the predicament of cracked feet, dry skin and scraggly toenails. Here are some thrifty ways to relieve yourself of these problems with metroshoes.net’s Dr. Scholl’s products.

1) Dr. Scholl’s Pumice Stone: Helps you gently remove dry, rough and dead skin, leaving your feet shiny and smooth, so that you can wear your sandals confidently.

2) Dr. Scholl’s Foot and Nail Cream: The ultimate moisturizer for your feet that penetrates the skin and rehydrates your sole, so that you can fiercely slip into your slip-ons.

3) Dr. Scholl’s Refreshing Foot Soak: A remedy specially formulated to relax, cleanses and invigorates your fatigued feet to help you fearlessly don your heels.

4) Dr. Scholl’s Nail Cutter: Safely trim tough and thick toenails precisely and wear your stilettoes with poise.

Find all these and more foot care products here: http://bit.ly/1OeuQyh. March into this winter with your feet completely prepped and ready to conquer!