Mother, will you be my partner? #MyPair

There’s your sibling, your favorite cousin, your best friend, your boyfriend/ husband and then to make you wiser in life, teaching your how to combat day-to-day battles smartly and humbly there’s your mother- Your one partner that’s guaranteed to be with you forever.

From your first day at school to your graduation, she’s been with you like a rock supporting you in all your endeavors to date. She has sacrificed her own dreams to get you where you are today. She’s a partner you never want to part with ever.

Mother’s  Day is around the corner and you want to do something special for your life long partner. Don’t be a prude and do the usual things like go for dinner or a movie. It’s very basic and your partner deserves much more than your preoccupied company on the big day.

How about take her for a night out at the fanciest club and dance the night away with her? Rejoice in the fact that she would really enjoy doing a club night with her daughter cum best friend. She would love for you to treat her as your friend and for you to take on the celebrations in the wackiest way possible. Make this Mother’s Day really unforgettable for her, won’t you?

We have just the right anecdote for your celebrations. Be fun and new generation and twin in the same pair of real classy shoes and let the world know she’s your partner in crime! What’s better? Plan an all-girls night out with your girl gang with their mothers and yours and do the mother-daughter dance in some funky shoes that add glamour and good vibes to your night.

At Metro Shoes we have some great pairs for you and your mum.No kidding! Have you seen some of our major picks for the occasion?

Here are four types of pairs for your four types of moods for the night. Check them out here:

 The ethnic duo:

Pick these indo-sexy pair from Metro Shoes from our ethnic wear collection. Style them with a kurta and denims or with leggings if your mum is more comfortable in them and hit the club grooving to your Bollywood best!









The party poopers:

This one’s for all the mothers who refuse to grow old. Let them reminiscence their young days by picking these chic party shoes that will put her right back in her retro mood.









The subtle brigade:

Pick cool pumps for a night out with some neat margaritas with your mum. Enjoy the splendor with her as she recounts how she met your father while she shyly shows off her pair to the world that her daughter’s bought her.










The style crackers:

A great deal for you and your mum to twin in the same pair of peep toes as you listen to some great jazz over gourmet cuisine that would free her from her regular routine.










Make Mother’s Day count for your mum you guys and make sure you twin with her on her day to paint the town red! And you know what’s the bonus? With her you won’t have deadline problems that night! Have a great Mother’s day with your pair from Metro Shoes – brings out the naughty in you.