Are You Doing Your Summers Right?

The most amazing time of the year is coming to an end. We are almost at the last leg of the precious Summer season – The season of long vacations, popsicles popping times and yes of course, the mango rampage! Oh what fun this time is when you go out with your friends and beat the heat with your loved ones. But beating the heat stylishly is more fun and satisfying don’t you think?

We at Metro Shoes are well aware of your fashionable side and we know just the right trends to set you off on a style spree so that you can make the most of the Summers that are remaining!

Here are top three looks for  Summer trending moods:

Casual time off:

Whether it’s going out for a walk to the park in the evening with your girlfriend or to go to an ice cream parlor after dinner with your family, we’ve got the right mood setter for you. Pick a pair of sturdy slip ons and pair it with a pair of shorts and T-shirt or a crop top.

This outfit will be just what you need to look and feel absolutely fabulous and you can beat the heat in the most stylish way possible.

Summer brunch:

Summer vacations are for having a blast and you know it! So kill it with having the most amazing time with your loved ones over a Sunday brunch. Be one with the nature and caress the soothing breeze looking your best. Wondering what to wear at the soirée?

Wear a white or beige off shoulder dress with cute peep toes we have at Metro Shoes to set you off on a style orgy.

Shake a leg:

Not everyone likes to feel the sun so they play the summers by grooving to happening beats at clubs to live upto the night life they promise themselves. Yes, summers aren’t just to feel in the day. There’s a lot of joy in feeling the soft summer breeze in the night as well.

Wear skinny denims with an elaborate belt and pair it with a halter top and guess what the twist is here- Sneakers! Trust us they are the ultimate style stoppers at clubs. Check out our #SummerSneakerFestival to see what’s in store for your artistic side.

Ladies Summers are coming to an end so make the most of it and sweep your onlookers off their feet with Metro Shoes backing your every mood! Stay cool.