Metro Shoes – A relation beyond the best customer service

We Indians diligently follow the ancient code of conduct ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which roughly translates into something like, ‘our guest is equivalent to God’. Considering that this is applicable to every ounce of our existence, business models are no exception and follow suit, strictly. Afterall, what is a partnership without a store where customers are lining up to buy stuff? Metro Shoes is no different. The specimen of optimal assistance, the brand is known for impeccable customer service. Each customer is a new opportunity to take one step up to become an ace player in the arena of shoes and accessories. This dream is not far from achieving as our customer stories are filled with contentment. Trusting that the customers always give an honest (and sometimes brutal) feedback, this becomes the platform for us to reshuffle the working scope to make it customer satisfactory.

To take the customer service more on a personal level, the Metro Shoes showroom has the best device possible – the showroom assistants aka our personal superheroes. And why do we call them so? Well,  to begin with, they will save your day by finding you the right shoes for the party, help you select matching socks and patiently wait while you choose which bag match with your clothes. While each customer has his own experience to share, each one of them is distinct and personal in every manner possible.

There are some instances which will leave you speechless.  One such customer experience is etched into our minds. A Metro customer, all the way from France, had dropped in to pick out a pair of shoes with his wife. Handicapped in one leg, he found it difficult to step out of the car and join his wife to view the collection. Heartbroken, he told his wife to carry on, while he sat in his car. The store assistant, saw this, and could not stand the sight of an unhappy man sitting in his car. So, with his quick and smart thinking, he suggested that he if the Frenchman cannot walk to the store, the store will walk to him. And lo and behold, he brought all the shoes at the disabled man’s feet for him to try. Initially hesitant and somewhat embarrassed with the huge gesture, the customer agreed to it and soon he was trying a variety of shoes with the help of the assistant. With such efforts, it is not a surprise that the man found a perfectly fitting pair of shoes – just what he was looking for.  Looking at the entire ordeal the assistant went through in doing the back and forth of the shoes, the man’s  wife was impressed and almost emotional. Looking at her happy husband, she promised to visit the Metro Shoes showroom every time they visit the country, and take back this story to set an example for great customer care in her own town. Believe us, the happiness on the couple’s face was something we have pinned in our stack of  ‘special moments’.

This is just the glimpse of the many stories and experiences our customers have had. Like any relationship, the brand’s relationship goes beyond with trust and respect.  Metro Shoes continues to serve each customer with utmost gratitude. With such a positive attitude at your disposal, can your customer experience be questioned? We think not.