Make Your Journey Comfortable with Loafers from Metro Shoes

Loafers are uber-comfortable shoes that make you look effortlessly stylish. Their incredible comfort comes from the construction itself. Made from materials like leather, suede, synthetics, and crafted with premium insoles, these shoes offer great flexibility. That said, Metro Shoes has curated a huge collection of loafers for women and men that provide ultimate comfort. Keep reading to learn more about our collection.

How Many Styles of Loafers are Available Online?

Browsing through a distinguished platform like Metro Shoes, you will find a lot of variety in loafers. They come with various designs, finishes, and embellishments. Allow us to take you through the different styles of loafers for women and men on Metro Shoes.

  • Horse-bit Loafers

As the name suggests, these loafers feature a metal or metal-like embellishment called horse-bit. This decorative element is woven onto the vamp of the footwear, creating a vintage look. You will find a lot of leather loafers featuring this detail. These cool kicks can be styled with a retro outfit for special occasions.

  • Chain-detail Loafers

These are similar to horse-bit ones, except they have a chain-like embellishment on the vamp. They are mostly seen among loafer shoes for women. The design of these shoes is such that they make you look royal and sophisticated. You can wear these loafers at formal events and also to the workplace.

  • Laser-cut Loafers

Metro Shoes offers a large selection of loafers, however, there is something unique about them. They come with a vamp that features perforations. These loafers have a pattern with holes on the vamp of the footwear for a modish look. These shoes can be worn casually as well as on special occasions.

  • Snakeskin Loafers

These are stylish pairs of loafers that feature a snakeskin-inspired texture. These loafers look absolutely dashing when paired with a fancy outfit and can be worn on special occasions. A lot of men’s loafers online at Metro Shoes curate snakeskin footwear.

4 Ways to Style Loafers from Metro Shoes

It is evident that many people wear loafers for comfort, however, they are capable of making a fashion statement as well. Due to their lavish design, they add a bit of zing and elegance to your outfit. Allows us to share a few ways to complement your attire using men’s and ladies’ loafers.

  1. For a modish yet stylish look, pair brown snakeskin loafers with black cropped jeans, a black T-shirt, and a tan jacket.
  2. While going to work, you can wear black horse-bit loafers. Pair these leather loafers for men with navy-blue trousers and an off-white shirt tucked in.
  3. If you are heading to a party, opt for beige laser-cut loafers with brown trousers and a light-blue T-shirt for a contemporary look.
  4. While going to a special or formal event, wear khaki-coloured chain-detail loafers with black leggings and a pink oversized sweatshirt.

Buy Stylish Loafers from Metro Shoes at Discounted Rates

The world of footwear is vast and finding quality shoes can be a hassle. However, with a diverse platform like Metro Shoes, you will find the footwear of your choice in minutes. So, browse through the amazing options available on our website and buy yourself a fantastic pair of loafers!