Loving the Loafers: Styles Every Man Should Know

Journey of a Loafer

“Tell me a stereotype and I’ll show you how to break them.”

Revolution they call it, but we would just like to keep it as our need to simplify stylish. Oxfords were too formal, Derby joined them too and Brogues, well they were just too dressy for a weekday date night. Moccasins stepped in to save the day, and we enhanced the look further like any fashion monger would do.

We didn’t make our place in a day but we made it strong, slowly and eventually. We emerged from Norway, rolled our way across Europe before becoming the American classic, and here we are—breaking the stereotypes in India.

On one day we redefine formal in an award-function, on another we dress with a pair of shorts for a beach shack date; we dress down for the evening and dress up for the brunch; we are preppy but also punk, and so we fit everywhere. Thus, leather loafers for men occupy a safe space as the go-to option that sits in every fine wardrobe.

A Guide to Style Them

We are a family of triplets, and here are the distinctive features that make us stand out—

Penny Loafer

A decorative strip over the upper where a coin can be placed, hence the name.

Penny Loafer

Tassel Loafer

A tassel finishing feature made by binding threads on a cord that hangs loosely. Tassels are usually made of the same colored leather as the shoe but they also come in contrasting shades.

Tassel Loafer

Horsebit Loafer

A horse-shoe shaped brass clasp at the front.

Horsebit Loafer

With our easy slip-on style, we are as alluring as sassy. It’s not a surprise that we successfully made it to the Bollywood collection! Here’s how the celebs like to style us:

Malhotra in formal loafers

  • Let the ankles breathe. Don’t wear socks or go for a no-show variety. Also, ensure that when you club them with full length trousers, they cut just above your ankle. You don’t want the fabric to take away the look of the shoe.
  • Pair loafers with slim fits or tapered pants to give a better definition to the outfit.
  • For a smart casual look pair penny loafer with jeans or chinos.
  • Horsebit and penny are the formal loafers for your office evenings.
  • Club tassel loafers with a pair of slim-fit shorts and a shirt for an outing with colleagues in daylight.
  • For a fancy evening event wear khaki pants with a pair of vibrant penny loafers. Toss a navy blazer for an extra punch.
  • Go for loafers in suede for a fancy indoor event.
  • For an outdoor look, you can cuff your pants/jeans to design a sharp look. Go for the bright hues.