Dress yourself dapper with these Da-Vinchi shoes

The shoes you choose to wear are the spokesperson for your entire outfit and your personality. Formal or casual, your shoe style instantly begets attention. But whether it makes you the eye of the storm or a showstopper on the ramp depends entirely on you. When you put the time and effort to pick a shoe that suits your outfit and the occasion, you tell the world that you are not going to be left behind in the fashion race.

In this unpredictable race, however, brands matter a lot. This season one brand that has caught our eye with their trendy collection of formal shoes is Da-Vinchi. Da-Vinci shoes are immensely stylish, versatile and most of all, comfortable. They also come in a wide variety of colours, types, and sizes.  Have a look at our favorites for this season:

Two-toned for twice the fun

two tonned formal shoes



Wearing two-toned shoes is like walking around with a shining limelight above you. Anyone can manage to win style points with neutral colours, but to master two-toned shoes is a tricky business.  These shoes are not for the ones afraid of risks. The above-featured shoes by Da-Vinchi are a gorgeous example of why two-toned shoes are such a style statement. The black and blue pair is a subtle and suave option that will look amazing with a black ensemble. And the dark red and black will uplift a dull outfit with its bold shade.

With two-toned shoes, it’s important that you have the colour combination right. Keep your outfit simple to bring attention to shoes. For a well-balanced look, pair warm colours with cool tones. When choosing accessories, keep in mind the colour scheme and stick to it. To avoid looking too plain, experiment with textures and patterns in your outfit. However, avoid wearing heavy patterns like tweed or plaid as they can make your look seem too busy.

Brogue out of boredom

brogues shoes

A timeless classic, brogue shoes can instantly adorn you with the title of “charming gentleman”. Their versatility allows them to be worn in multiple ways, and that’s one of the main reasons why every man needs to have brogue shoes in his wardrobe. And a pair that we’re majorly crushing on currently is this elegant pair of brogue shoes by Da-Vinci. Traditional brown in colour, these pair of shoes can be paired with a variety of outfits for a variety of occasions.

To achieve that collected English vibe, experiment with a grey tweed suit. If you are not that confident about colour combinations, you can stick to the ever-favourite combination of navy blue suit with brown shoes. For a casual look, pair these shoes with tapered shorts or fitted chinos. Remember to avoid blacks with brown shoes. To add that extra oomph to your outfit, you can experiment with patterns like paisley and plaid for your ties.

Bounce back in boots

Men Boots

Adaptable, strong and forever in vogue, boots are the ideal shoes for all seasons. For a polished look that also shows your toughness, pair these black boots by Da-Vinchi with a suit. Simple and elegant, these shoes allow you to effortlessly carry through various occasions in style. You can go the casual way by wearing them blue jeans and a leather jacket. To soften the outfit, you can wear a light coloured t-shirt under or wear a floral accessory for an extra oomph. A muted outfit will highlight the shine on your black leather boots.