5 Things that You Need to Know About Lifestyle Shoes

Buying shoes is not a singular task; it is a process defined by several factors. For most, the hunt for that perfect shoe never ends. For you, it can. Only if you keep in mind these simple tricks the next time you go shoe-shopping:

  1. Comfort is king: Walking around in an uncomfortable shoe is like walking with your fingers clamped. It’s not just painful, but can cause many injuries. If your shoe pinches, bites or is a size too small, leave them. No matter how beautiful they are. Comfort should always be your priority, no matter what style of the shoe it is.Tan Casual Lifestyle Shoes
  2. Only buy it if you can walk in it: To punctuate the first tip, always do a little test-walk in the shoes you intend to buy. Lifestyle shoes for women come in a variety of styles. While some are comfortable enough to wear, there are few who are just “pretty sitting shoes”. Meaning, these are beautiful enough to look at, but not practical enough to wear. Try not to waste your money on these shoes. Instead, opt for those you can comfortably walk around for a good length of time.
  3. Try at least 3 sizes before you buy: There are countless brands for women’s footwear, and most often than not, their individual shoe size differs slightly. Add to this, the changing shape and size of our feet over time, and you know shoe sizes are not as constant as we think. To be safe rather than sorry, try at least 3 different sizes while shoe-shopping. First, try the size you always tend to buy. Then experiment with a half size bigger and half size smaller. Some people also have different sized feet and are often confused which foot to appease more. The solution for this dilemma is not to buy different sized shoes, but to buy half size bigger. A bigger shoe can always be made to fit by placing an insole. But you can’t grow a smaller size shoe.lifestyle footwear
  4. Mind the arch of your foot: if you’re not able to find a shoe that sits perfectly along your foot, the arch of your foot may be to blame. Determine if your foot is high arched, or flat arched. The shape of your foot makes a lot of difference in fitting, and comfort. Armed with this knowledge, you can find the perfect shoe for yourself.lifestyle shoes
  5. Shop at the right time: Our feet swell throughout the day, which might make fitted shoes painful. The ideal time to shop for women’s shoes is late afternoon, and early evening. This will ensure you have enough wiggle room for your toes, and to accommodate any swelling later.

With these tips in hand, your shopping experience should become infinitely easier. We hope we helped you in your journey to find that perfect shoe.