10 Oaths Every Millennial Should Take As India Celebrates Its 69th Republic Day

Patriotism is more of an emotion rather than a word in Oxford. There are certain instances when our chest swells with pride for being Indian. Truly, it is a blessing to be born in one of the largest democratic countries in the world. With #metoo and #timesup movement, every person has taken the onus of standing for other’s rights. In such a time, Republic day and Independence day come as a gentle reminder to open the pages of history and see how far have we come. Now that we are about to celebrate 69th Republic Day of India on 26th of January, the day when our constitution came into effect, it is the apt time to take up some responsibility not only towards our country but also our self. Metro Shoes has always prided itself on being an Indian brand with an international reach. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, we have chalked out 10 simple oaths which every Indian should take on the occasion of Republic Day and make your country a much better place.

1) I promise to adopt cleanliness as my second nature
You see the boards and TVCs to keep your surroundings ‘swachh’, don’t you? We see no point if after all of this, there are heaps of litter on the roads. A simple solution to this is carrying a bag with you to dump all your litter and take it to your home and dispose it.

2) I promise to keep an open mind in every situation
We react fast, many times, without thinking. Let us believe that every situation might have an unknown side to it. We shall try to see it with an open mind and give it a benefit of doubt.

3) I take an oath to be more accepting and tolerant
We are not starting the entire gaga over tolerance which made us really agitated a few months ago. But accepting that no person is same and that we come from different backgrounds will do.

4) I promise to say no to injustice
Witnessing injustice is a crime in itself. Speak up before it is too late and in no time, there will be fewer crimes around you.

5) I take an oath to consider humanity as the greatest religion
We are divided by religion, political backgrounds and by geographical borders. Why add to these divisions when humans can accept others as their equals and not discriminate.

6) I promise to put health first
A healthy country can achieve much more than the one who is plagued with obesity and other avoidable ailments. The first step you can take is to take steps!
(Walk and run in style with these sports shoes. Let’s not give up on fashion while we make our country better)

7) I promise to stick to my traditions
No matter how far we go, we belong to our roots. They keep us humble and pure. For example, no matter how comfortable the shoes are, nothing can match the vibe of mojaris!

8) I take an oath that I will detox from technology every once in a while
This one is a must for us. It is actually quite fun to put your phone aside, switch off your laptops and go out. Meet your school friends, catch up on gold old times, or just read under the sun. Take your family on a picnic and you will realize how entertaining these outings can be. Match your slip ons with your bestie when you go for a brunch. Or make your family outings more colourful with sneakers.

9) I pledge to be more socially aware
Do you know who is the local governing party? Have an update on the next elections? No? Time to update yourself on what’s happening in your vicinity if not country.

10) I take an oath to first understand and act rather than act and regret
Sounds quite a simple one, right? But it is not. Thinking before you act takes a lot of awareness. So make a point to hear someone out before jumping to conclusions.

This is a good start to bring in a small change. Metro Shoes wishes everyone a happy Republic Day in advance and pledges to keep their fellow citizen’s feet happy. Jai Hind!