3 Reasons Why You Need #SPF50 – Metro Shoes


Every dermatologist you’ve ever been to has told you of the benefits of sunscreen and SPF, and in this scorching, sweltering summer, you need something to cool you off. So we’ve got the perfect sale to beat the heat this summer and we’ve called it the #SPF50 summer sale, where you’re going to get your favourite styles at a 50% discount, don’t thank us yet, because we’ve got more coming your way. As a special treat for our blog readers, we’re offering you an additional discount using the code SALE5


Not only do you have to put away your winter boots, but also have to keep up with this summer’s trends.  So the timing could not have been better for you to revamp your wardrobe.

Since it’s the summer, you’re going to be privy to a number of plans that happen outdoors, so our extensive range of summer footwear will help you get your looks on point.

Our SPF50 sale features a plethora of curated summer styles ranging from wedges to heels and even ballerinas. Just what you need to kick off this season in style.

This summer is going to get more stylish and it includes your favourite S word- sale. Cool off on the 25th and 26th of March with our stunning styles, and you won’t be sorry. Don’t forget to punch your code on checkout though!