11 Shoe Cleaning Tricks Only Ma Can Give You

Moms know best. They know it all and they have at least 450 TB storage space in their minds, where they store every trick and tip in the book, where your 7th standard reports are kept, recipes and how you’re related to Shashi Aunty. They’re resourceful and no matter what, have a solution to all your varying problems across the board. Whether it’s how to get the pit out of a peach, a stain removal technique, which medicine to take when you’re running a fever, how to fit that dress into her monthly budget, how to get rid of that pimple, and so many things in between that we don’t even account for. And, it’s safe to say all their little tricks are fail proof. We’ve collected some tips, from mummies everywhere, on shoe cleaning and here are some of our favourites.

  1. Use nail polish remover to get rid of pesky stains on the white parts of your sneakers
  2. Softly rub a slice of stale bread on your suede shoes to clean them!
  3. Dry tea bags when placed in smelly shoes will get rid of disgusting odours.
  4. Waterproof your canvas shoes or espadrilles by rubbing beeswax on them and using a blow dryer to melt the wax onto your shoe.
  5. Prevent painful shoe bites by applying petroleum jelly on the parts that are prone to getting bitten.
  6. If your feet keep slipping out of your heels, spray your foot (not the shoe) with hairspray and then wear your heels.
  7. Tape your third and fourth toe to prevent pain in your heels.
  8. If you’re in and out of the AC leading to your feet getting clammy, use powder on your feet to soak up the sweat.
  9. Your brand new dress shoes won’t give you that perfect grip the first time you wear them, so use sand paper to sand the sole of your shoes.
  10. Break in new shoes by wearing thick socks and blow-drying the parts that are tight.
  11. Get rid of scuffmarks on patent leather shoes with nail polish remover or an earbud and petroleum jelly.                                                                             Share with us some of the tricks your mommy shared with you and stand a chance to be featured on our blog.