What Not To Do? 5 Anti-­Rules For Men

What Not To Do?  5 Anti-­‐Rules For Men

Dear Men,

We are aware that you care about how you look, even though you choose to hide it underneath the layers and layers of “rugged macho-­ness”. It is known to all women that you care about how you are dressed, but sometimes you are lost, unaware or simply like to follow the “ignorance is bliss” approach. But fret not, there is no harm in asking for help, and behold as we bestow unto you some rules that tell you exactly what not to do, when it comes to your shoes.

  • Forgetting to match: Wearing socks that do not match each other are a categorical faux The metal on your belt buckles, suspenders, cufflinks, blazer buttons and tassels or bits on your shoes, should match. Try to match this metal with your watch too.
  • Wearing off-­colored shoes: For work attire, wear only black, brown or oxblood colored, the only exception to this rule is white colored loafers or bucks. Blue, green, red or any other colors are not appropriate for work.
  • Wearing sport shoes everywhere: The most off-­putting sight is seeing men dressed in shirts and trousers that are topped off with sports No dapperly dressed man was ever spotted in dressed up in slacks, a jacket and sports shoes.
  • Being stinky socks: Make sure you wear “no see socks” under your moccasins and loafers. These socks are also called “moccasin socks” or “shoe panties” and prevent your socks and feet from smelling.
  • Trade your sole: The soles of your shoes are subject to major wear and They need to be replaced as often as every 6 months, but depending upon usage should definitely be changed once a year.

These tips will definitely come in handy the next time you put on your shoes. Make sure you follow them to a tee for handsome, classy and dapper results. Don’t ever be embarrassed by your shoe-­game and up your style quotient, by following these easy steps.