Valentine’s Day 2017: Types of Couple based on Shoe Types – Metro Shoes

As soon as February comes around, there’s a silent alarm that starts going off in our heads. V Day’s on the 14th and we know you’re vigourously Googling ways to make the day special for your significant other. At the same time, we know you’re looking for outfit inspos for all the adventures you’ve got planned for your special day. Depending upon the type of couple you are, you need to organize the activities based on things you both like, based on which you need to pick the appropriate attire, which is no easy feat. But don’t you worry- we’ve got you.

  1. The Active and Fit Couple

If your idea for the perfect date is to take a cycling tour through your city, or you want to book out the entire gym, just for you two to have an intense training sesh, then you need a pair that’s as athletic and sporty as you two.


2. The Adventurous and Outdoorsy Couple

If the ideal date for you two would be a weekend getaway to a tree house, where there’s rock climbing or river rafting, then you know you fit right in here. And you’re going to need a pair of shoes that resonates your strength and sturdiness.

3. The Power Couple

If you go straight from your desk to your date, and your idea for a date would be hitting a bar to wind down over a drink or two with some appetizers to go with them, then you need a pair of classy but comfortable shoes that fit the bill.


4. The Romantics

If you like to go the whole nine yards to make each date a memorable one and plan and organize every single detail of your date then you need a pair that is reliable but chic, all at once.


5. The Netflix and Chill Couple

If you prefer watching your favourite movies and have the take-out menu at hand at all times, then you are the perfect homebodies. And if your version of a date means Chinese food + binge watching episodes of your beloved TV shows, then you need a refreshing foot soak this V-day to amp up your Netflix + Chill experience!

This Valentine’s Day, #FindYourPair with Metro Shoes and we hope you have a love-filled year ahead.