Those secret excuses to buy footwear this festive season

The festive season is here! The three joyous months of our lives- October, November and December, where there’s music, dance, love and angels blessing down on us. The streets are lit up and there’s positivity everywhere. These are our best months in the year that brings in Dussehra, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and then finally New Year. So you really think you need an excuse to buy footwear?

Hell no! There’s every reason to go all out and buy as many pairs as you like. This time of the year accounts for you to be perfectly dressed everywhere you go and celebrate the pre, present and post of every occasion like a complete diva and stud you are!

We, at Metro shoes have the perfect video for you to be inspired and do what it takes to grab as many pairs as you wish. Check this out:

Just like the fabulous Katrina Kaif and heartthrob Sidharth Malhotra, you can come up with a million excuses to find your pair. But you do secretly know that all you want is lots of Metro shoes in your shoe closet.

See here some of the best pairs we’ve picked up for your brother’s breakup party to his patch up party, to your sister’s birthday and your friend’s anniversary and a million other reasons why you need to stock up right now!

Red Gladiators for a terrific you:

These red gladiators are the perfect festive starters and make sure to allow you a grand entry at any function. They are bold and make a statement that enhances your personality. That definitely makes you stand out from the crowd. Own this pair to be the ultimate festive phataka!

White shoes for a dapper you:

Oh you’re going to love the reason why you should run to your nearest Metro store and grab this pair for yourself! These white loafers are completely different from the rest of the shoes. They look neat and carry an aura of wisdom and peace. Wear these with a carefree attitude and rock any occasion you choose to attend this festive season.

Silver bling in a blink of an eye:

These silver sandals are bling alert! If you love bling, then these are the perfect pick for you. They are subtle yet command attention and they would go with absolutely anything you would don it with. Festivities call for sparkles; in these you’ll be carrying the light with you.

Brown sandals for the ultimate Diwali celebrations:

These would look picture perfect on a sleek silk kurta and churidar for Diwali celebrations. They are so universal; they can be worn on any Indian wear without giving it a second thought.

These are some of our best picks for this festive season and there are more lined on for you to choose from right here: Mens Ethnic Shoes & Women Ethnic Shoes

Just like in the video, stay happy and spread the love of joy with your loved ones and come up with a zillion excuses to buy new pairs just to tease your parents! And if anyone nags you about your shopping, show them this video. Stay blessed and enjoy this festive season to the fullest.