The Different Types of Bags: Which is Right for You?

“The average woman owns nine purses and handbags, but experts say that every woman should own at least five types of bags.”

We present ourselves well. Although your overall sense of style is determined by the things you wear, some accessories tend to change the “wow factor” that we all want.

For example, types of handbags reveal a lot about a person’s origins and personality. Many different types of handbags are designed for unique purposes. A person will more likely notice your types of purses than the intricate elements of your clothing since they have a more striking appearance. If you wear a backpack with your gorgeous, embroidered lehenga, it will look terrible. Your status as a fashionista will change to that of a college student with a ton of questions.  The different types of ladies handbags, wear, and love come in a variety of functions, styles, and designs.

Let’s face it, judgment is a reality. The types of bags name have been elevated to an art form and fashion statement of its own. Let’s not give them a chance, therefore, and instead, check out different types of bags for women each one selected to go with a specific type of dress. 

Clutches and Pouches:

Small bags called clutches are worn for formal or nighttime occasions. These types of bags could have a wrist strap but no shoulder straps. Envelope clutches, box clutches, wristlets, and bracelet bags are some examples of clutches. These types of bags are a fun way to give an outfit a fresh shade or texture. This bag is for a female who likes to bring only the necessities for the evening, including her phone, cards, cash, and lipstick.

Style tip: 

Wrap a coat that resembles a cardigan over your body for a straightforward, fashionable appearance with these types of bags. A clutch bag is a timeless item that complements any outfit and colour. Both sarees and formal outfits look great with it. These types of bags go perfect with printed dresses, emblematic colors or with details such as glitter and rhinestones.

Evening bags:

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish bag for a black-tie wedding or date night, you can’t go wrong with evening bags. Since the days when you couldn’t fit anything more than your lipstick and ID in a clutch, fashion has changed. These types of bags are spacious, eye-catching, and prepared for a date. So, bring a touch of royal style with you to your next gala by way of evening bags!

Style tip: 

Well, if you are thinking of wearing an LBD or backless gown, these types of bags are worth a shot! A slip dress is understated and charming- just make sure to take your shoes and other accessories into consideration.


Not only are handbags accessories, but they are also necessary items for daily life. The perfect companion, a desirable fashion item. These types of bags are never solely for practical purposes. When we go on dates, to the office, and on vacation, we always bring our favorite bag. It becomes a lovely part of us both in daily life and on exceptional occasions. One thing is certain: whether it’s a clutch, body bag, handle bag, or weekender, these types of bags are what makes the ensemble, as well as how the owner’s lifestyle is expressed. Some use the term purse to describe the bag that holds essentials while using handbags for all types of ladies bags.

Style tip: 

You can match these types of bags with any outfit since they are so adaptable. You can pair your handbag with body-hugging white tops, skinny jeans, and an overcoat for a casual yet stylish style.

Sling bag:

The timeless sling bag is understated, sleek, and beautiful. These types of bags have useful sections that you may use to conveniently keep your wallet, cards, and phone. They provide all your ensembles with the ideal dash of simplicity because of their simple styles. These types of bags could be the perfect fit for your brief days, whether you need to do errands or meet up with some of your closest pals. They often include adjustable straps that you can additionally modify to your preference.

Style tip: 

These types of bags are perfect to team up with any formal or casual attire! They can accentuate even the simplest outfit like jeans and tee like no other! Be it a casual maxi dress or formal pantsuit, these types of bags should make their way to your closet!

Potli bags:

Since the Vedic era, these types of bags, the “potli” have existed. These little pouches were first used to store a variety of plants as Ayurvedic remedies. Stylish Potli bags are currently in style as a fashion accessory. They are created from luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, velvet, etc. These types of bags are undeniably eye-catching thanks to their intricate work and drawstring closure. These types of purses maintain a captivating appearance when the purse hangs around the wrist with the help of the drawstrings without any maintenance.

Style tip: 

The embroidered bag looks well with ethnic clothing like sarees, lehengas, and suits and is a wonderful example of Indian craftsmanship. These types of bags will complement your ethnic clothing for your upcoming wedding event, festive ensemble, or any other formal occasion.

Satchel bags:

Satchels are yet another style to add to a never-ending types of handbags. You’ve probably seen this multipurpose bag before, but perhaps you lacked the terminology to confidently call it out. A satchel bag is a medium- to large-sized bag that is often built with two short handles on top and a flat bottom that resembles a shoulder bag. These types of bags frequently have a crossbody strap that is adjustable and is similar in appearance and used to a leather briefcase.

Style tip: 

You can style these types of bags with a pair of long floral maxi dresses and nude heels to complete the look. Or how about a striped jumpsuit and a pair of mules?

Shoulder bags:

We are all aware of how powerful bags are in elevating an appearance. This season, all you need to create a style statement is an arm candy, whether it’s a small shoulder bag or a large tote bag. However, if there is one bag that is all about simplicity, it’s time to make the investment in a shoulder bag. The purpose of these types of bags is to be carried around, and guess what? As your arms would be free from strain and weight, you wouldn’t ever feel like you were carrying one.

Style tip:

These types of bags will be your greatest friend whether you are dressed casually in a white t-shirt and joggers or formally in a dress. You’re guaranteed to marvel at the crowd when paired with a flowing dress or a top with puffy sleeves.

Mobile sling bags:

A mobile sling bag is a small, pragmatic bag that is great for carrying your essentials. Women frequently believe they need a tiny bag to carry around their essentials—like cash and vehicle keys—and their phones without constantly carrying a large purse or handbag. These types of bags became a popular accessory or an item at this time and come in useful. Mobile sling bags are available in a wide range of appealing and exciting designs, and the variety of brands and products accessible make shopping for them enjoyable.

Style tip:

These types of bags look best with flowing dresses and long skirts. Isn’t it great—a white jacket, a pencil skirt to match, and a unique pair of platform heels?

Tote bags:

Tote bags are a timeless alternative that shouldn’t be missed from your wardrobe because they are a roomy and comfy type of bag to utilize. The word “tote,” which refers to what a tote bag is, is derived from the Old English verb “to carry.” These types of bags were first used around the turn of the 20th century. However, in terms of the definition of a tote bag, it was during the 1940s and 1950s that these items started to become stylish and create trends.

Style tip:

These types of bags will go great with a maxi dress with tie straps. Or consider a pair of tan corduroy pants, a pair of cowboy boots, and a lovely white top with a brown headband. Or imagine yourself wearing these types of bags with an all-black outfit, a magnificent beige trench coat and some ballet flats. Even better if they’re studded!

On an ending note:

So, there you have all types of bags. Types of bags for women are vast on the market. These types of bags have a certain purpose and set of qualities that were created to satisfy a particular demand or requirement. There is the ideal bag for you out there, whether you need it for work, adventure, travel, or just to organize your possessions. There are a variety of bags in terms of colours, shape, size, and design. Having a nice selection of bags can make you appear fashionable. Women should thus take the bags into account when they go bag shopping next.