The Stereotypes About Women That Should Die With 2016 – Metro Shoes

8th March is International Women’s Day and we’re extremely thrilled about it. Women are queens. Period. The strength, the fierceness, the drive, the benignity, she is everything. But, she’s sick and tired of hearing about how she’s not as hardworking or as emotionally stable as men. She’s sick of hearing her place is at home, that she belongs in the kitchen. She’s sick of hearing she can’t lift weights that she’ll get bulky and “manly”. That she has to be “fair and lovely”. And frankly, she’s had enough. She won’t be pulled down by someone’s opinions and prejudices. These stereotypes have gots to go. We can’t and won’t let these stereotypes live and we’re taking a stand against them. At Metro Shoes, we want to empower women, we want to uplift them, and we want them to believe in themselves. And these are the stereotypes we want to put to bed.

1. You can’t be into feminism and your looks at the same time

Just because she likes putting on kajal in the morning, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t stand for equality. It doesn’t mean she believes in being oppressed, in being referred to as the “weaker sex”. She’s a strong, independent woman whose intentions should not be judged based on the shade of lipstick she chooses to wear.


2. Women are mean to each other

Our most fundamental and dearest friendships are made with other women. It is society that pits us against each other, that makes us compete against each other. We’re privy to this now. And we don’t feel the need to bring each other down to make ourselves feel better. Our self worth is not attached to what others say about us.

3. Women need relationships to be happy

We live in the 21st century and women now know that their relationships do not define their happiness. They do not associate their joy with their relationship status. Single Taken. Doesn’t matter. Having a healthy, loving relationship with herself is more important to her than finding companionship outside of her.

4. If she’s into her career, she doesn’t care about her family

It’s an absolute myth that she can’t multitask. The woman of today is capable of prioritizing and balancing her work and home life. She can be a driven employee and at the same time a devoted mother and wife. She doesn’t have to choose one or the other.

5. She needs to be told she’s pretty

Why does this norm exist where women are superficial and obsessed with their aesthetic appearance? Women are so much more than their looks. Compliment her brain, compliment her work ethic, compliment her dedication. Not that she needs it, but it’s nice to hear.

Comment below and tell us about some of the stereotypes you’re sick and tired of hearing. At Metro Shoes, we understand your exasperation. So, we want to celebrate women and their spirit. We’re making this Women’s Day more about you, so go to and grab a flat 10% on 1 pair of shoes, 15% off on 2 pairs and 3 pairs at a 20% discount. So, girl, treat your self.